Top 8 Hacks For Smooth Skin

Flawless skin is an instant confidence booster, but with factors such as stress, terrible diets, and changes in the weather, your skin is prone to breakouts. However, some people experience breakouts even with strict skincare routines due to genetic conditions such as eczema and ‘keratosis pilaris.’ 

Even though using the most expensive products may entice you, your skin  needs the following simple hacks;

Stick To A Simple Cleansing Routine

Some skincare routines may be expensive to use daily, and finding an affordable and easy-to-follow regimen may help maintain your smooth skin efficiently.  You can follow these easy steps consistently:

  • Wash your skin using a cleanser that fits your skin type. Cleansing will get rid of impurities and oils that clog your pores, causing breakouts and immature aging.
  • With a cleansed face, exfoliate with a toner that is Gluconolactone-based and alcohol-free to remove dead skin and build up that you acquired during the day.
  • Hydrate using a moisturizer that is lightweight and fast-absorbing. The right moisturizer will smooth out any wrinkles and improve skin firmness. 

Apply Skin Care To A Damp Skin

To reduce puffiness and inflammation, rinse your face with cold water after cleansing your skin and before toning it.  As a result, your blood vessels will absorb products faster due to vasodilation.

Frequently Change Your Pillow Cases

Pillows have direct contact with your face, and using them daily leaves your skin prone to dirt, bacteria, and oil that can be a breeding space for acne.

Changing your pillow covering once or twice a week will reduce breakout risks. Preferably, invest in silk pillowcases that prevent products from being stripped off your face.

Cleanse Your Face After A Workout

Working out is excellent for your body, mind, and skin. However, lingering sweat, oil and bacteria will sit on your skin and cause pore clogs. These clogs will then lead to irritation and dehydration caused by the salt present in your sweat.

For keeping balance on your skin you need to take a look at the products that you use for your skincare routine. By using different types of products, you may damage the natural skin microbiome which is already covered with sweat. You can use natural-based soaps for cleansing your skin after a workout. Those may contain avocado, honey, snail slime, or goat milk. For instance, snail slime and avocado soaps can nourish your skin while goat milk soaps will prevent your skin from dehydrating. By using natural-based products you will make your skin glowy and dewy.

Try cleaning your face within 15 minutes of completing your workout to maintain smooth skin.

Always Apply Your Sunscreen

While your skin acts as a protective layer from sun rays, it’s also vulnerable to harmful UV rays that may cause an array of problems.

Getting the right sunscreen that fits your skin type will protect you against the damage of collagen tissues that causes wrinkles and increases the look of aging. Additionally, sunscreen protects the skin from sunburns that form discoloration and increases the risk of getting cancer.

Clean Your Make Up Brushes 

Whether you love doing your makeup daily or not, cleaning your tools is ideal for your skin. You can do some deep cleaning once a week or disinfect it daily with a mixture of hazel extract and essential oil of your choice.

Unwashed tools accumulate bacteria, dead cells, and oil—it clogs your pores and strips your skin of that smooth look. On the plus side, clean brushes remain soft and longer lasting.

Get Good Sleep

Beauty sleep has never been more effective to get seven to nine hours of sleep benefits your skin in the following ways:

  • It improves your complexion and leaves you glowing by increasing the blood flow in your skin.
  • Through the production of collagen, your skin will be repaired, hydrated, and prevented from sagging. 
  • Blood flow will improve since the skin produces repairing ingredients that protect itself from the sun. 

Incorporating Natural Substances into Your Bedtime Routine

Apart from these well-known factors, incorporating certain natural practices into your bedtime routine can also contribute to maintaining smooth skin. Taking organic mushroom supplements before sleep is a wonderful example of such a practice. Mushrooms are known for their high content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming real mushroom extract before bedtime can, thus, provide skin cells with necessary nutrients during the body’s natural time for restoration, which happens during sleep. This can support the skin’s overnight repair and rejuvenation process, contributing to overall skin health and beauty.

The anti-inflammatory properties in the mushroom extract can also assist in reducing skin inflammation and redness. This may be particularly helpful for those battling skin ailments such as acne and rosacea. Mushroom extracts also help promote a healthy skin microbiome, thus, contributing positively to its overall look and feel. Observing healthy skin management and natural practices before sleep may provide additional support to your routine skincare regimen. It underscores the growing shift toward adopting a holistic and natural approach to skincare.


You can hydrate by drinking eight glasses of water, which is healthy for your skin and  overall health. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is mainly consists of water— insufficient hydration makes your skin dry, flaky, and prone to aging.

Due to significant water loss, your skin may suffer from dehydration. Having adequate water intake has the following benefits: 

  • It increases elasticity by maintaining the moisture in your skin which reduces wrinkles
  • Water expels toxins from your body which prevents skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Hydration speeds up the healing process of painful sunburns
  • Water intake reduces pore size, resulting in less clogging and breakout.
  • It maintains a healthy PH level that leaves your skin blemish-free and glowing.

Achieving perfect skin doesn’t happen overnight. You may have to apply these hacks to maintain your smooth skin. Whether through drinking water, cleaning your pillows and makeup brushes, or sticking to a simple routine, you will ensure to have flawless skin by changing how you manage it.

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