Types of Living Room Trends You Can Consider in 2022

Home trends are often influenced by a number of things, and for 2022, the biggest factor may be the large numbers of people who have started working from home. The following are five home trends for the living room that you can expect to see in 2022.

Black Highlights

Designers are predicting that 2022 will see a lot of black accents in the form of highlights and hardware. These add depth and give an edge to living spaces in the minimalist and modern spaces that people are starting to favor. One of the easiest places to add black highlights to your home is on the windows. Vinyl windows are a great solution, as they’re very cheap and guarantee you an amazing return on investment up to 75%. This is appealing when compared to other types of windows, so if you’re on the market for new windows for your home, consider getting vinyl.


The vintage look has become very appealing of late, with many people getting on board. The allure of vintage goes beyond simple aesthetics, with most vintage decor items being available for a bargain in thrift stores or from sellers looking to move, declutter, or upgrade. Take time to shop for vintage pieces that will match your paint and general ambiance, and you will create an amazing experience for everyone who gets into your living room.

Natural Lighting

Many people are currently working or studying from home, and this has led to the need for more lighting within the home. If your house is spacious enough to have a home office, you’re in luck because you can specify the decor and arrangement that will improve your productivity. Otherwise, add an extra window or take down a wall that you don’t need in the house so that you have more natural lighting in spaces like the living room. With about 75% of homes in America having air conditioners, you can lessen the load on yours while adding the natural lighting, as fewer walls and more windows will improve the circulation in your house.

Did you know that solar panels can also help with temperature regulation in your house? Studies have shown that solar panels can help keep your house cooler by up to 5 degrees F. Investing in solar panels might seem like a smart choice, as it can also help lower your utility bills. Companies like Blue Raven offer custom quotes, tailored to your needs, budget, and environment, which you can also combine with different state incentives and tax credits. Solar panels, together with high-quality windows, will keep your monthly electricity bill down to a minimum while keeping your home green and eco-friendly.

Multifunctional Spaces

As mentioned, more people than ever found themselves having to stay indoors for longer than they were used to. A side effect of this is that the house may have become a bit crowded, making it hard for different people to do different things according to their schedules. This is an issue that can be solved by improving the multifunctionality of the spaces you have in your home. Make it so that the common spaces in your home can be used by two or more people to do different things without crowding in on each other. You may introduce partitions, steps, or even different themes to demarcate different spaces.

Bars in the Living Room

With up to 75% of homeowners in a survey saying that they have completed a home renovation since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it’s clear that this is a great time for home renovations. To get your home up to the standards that many people had to uphold during the era of lockdowns, you could add a bar to your living room. It does not have to hold drinks that you will actually consume, because it serves a decorative purpose besides a functional one. This home trend can make use of unused corners and alcoves in your home while displaying your beautiful glasses, and what’s not to like about that?

The five living room trends above will see a lot of use come 2022. If you already had a remodeling plan in mind, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider one or two of them.

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