Top Tips To Preventing Water Damage This Summer

water damageWater damage may not be your top concern in regards to your home’s maintenance, but it certainly deserves a spot in the top five. When your home suffers from water damage, its entire foundation is compromised. As the foundation is what holds your home together, you need to ensure that it is as strong as possible for the wellbeing of your family.

Provide this protection by preventing water damage before it has the chance to affect your home. Not only will water damage prevention keep termites and ants away from the structure of your home, but it will keep you from needing to file an insurance claim, 20% of which are related to water damage of some kind. Let’s take a look at some of the key tips for curbing water damage in your own home this summer.

Have Good Gutter Drainage

Your home’s gutters are the secret saviors of its foundation, as they direct water into the yard and away from the base of the house. Clean gutters also keep water off of your home’s siding. As worn siding can result in up to a 10% loss of your home’s value, keeping water off of it is essential. When your home has poor drainage, the foundation may experience cracks, uneven settling, and the development of pathways that allow water to enter your home.

A sure way to ensure good drainage is to clean your gutters routinely. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to do it for a price that would be much less than repairing water damage. To be sure that the water isn’t affecting your foundation, check that your downspouts direct it about five to ten feet away from the house. You’ll also want your yard to slope at least six inches over a 10-foot span away from your foundation so that water doesn’t cozy up next to your home’s base.

Keep An Eye Out For Water Leaks

Water leaks can spring up practically anywhere in your home. If you don’t notice these leaks soon enough, your house could suffer from long-term water damage as well as a mold infestation. As the latter can be detrimental to the health of your family, you’ll want to be sure that there is no potential for sneaky leaks to do this.

Start water damage prevention by regularly checking the most common spots for leaks to occur. These spots include the roof, pipes, appliances, windows, and plumbing fixtures. If you find a small leak, be sure to repair it as soon as possible. A big leak may call for a major repair job, but before you get down about the expenses keep in mind that homes that are rehabbed often sell twice as fast as those aren’t. This means that by investing in a quality repair job, you can protect your family and set up your home for a profitable sale when the time comes.

Make Preparations To Go On Vacation

The summer gives you the opportunity to jet off on a relaxing vacation. With 92% of employees in America saying that vacation time is important to them, it’s likely that you’re planning a getaway of some kind this summer. However, your absence gives water damage the chance to pop up and wreak serious havoc. If you return home to costly damage, the joy from your vacation will be erased much too soon. Ensure your home is in the best condition possible when you leave by cleaning the gutters, replacing supply lines, and doing a walk-through to look for problem spots.

If you’re going to be away for several days or weeks, ask a trusted friend or family member to check on your home every couple of days. They’ll be able to catch leaks before they cause serious damage. If you can’t get anyone to look after your home, turn off the main water valve. You can also choose to just shut off certain water supply valves to common leak culprits like the toilet or washing machine.

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. One of your many duties is taking the proactive steps to prevent water damage as much as possible and the necessary actions to repair it when it does. By doing so, you can ensure that your home is structurally sound and a true safe haven for your family.

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