Uses For Breastmilk

The amazing phenomenon of breastmilk is likely something we will never fully appreciate or understand. Despite their knowledge of the fact that breastmilk can be used for a number of things beyond breastfeeding and pumping, most moms are surprised at just how many things they can do with it.

You can start making the most of breastmilk by exploring some of these wonderful uses for it today.

Food uses for breast milk

As your baby grows, you can use breastmilk to feed them in bottles as well as for several other great purposes.

Breastmilk can be used to mix baby cereals when your baby starts grains. This is a great way to add a flavor that your baby already enjoys to their cereal to encourage them to eat it.

Like mixing baby cereals breastmilk can be used for watering down baby purees that are too thick. Simply spoon a small about of breastmilk into the baby food and stir until combined.

Your baby will love popsicles. You can use one of those net baby feeders to make popsicles with breast milk on a hot summer day or for helping with teething discomfort.

Bath and body uses for breastmilk

You’re going to love the way your skin looks after drinking breastmilk. There are many mothers who have forgotten their milk in the back of the refrigerator for a few days too long, or found themselves with old freezer-burned milk in the freezer after weaning their babies.

This milk does not have to be thrown away. It can be used for making a skin-soothing milk bath that is ideal for healing burns and rashes.

You are not the only one who can benefit from breastmilk. When you have excess milk you cannot use for feeding, you can make a bar soap that you can use for stretch marks and cellulite.

Breastmilk can be used to combat dark undereye circles caused by not getting enough sleep when you have a newborn.

Health uses for breastmilk

During the early days of breastfeeding, especially in the colostrum, breast milk is largely composed of antivirals, antibiotics, and antibodies. Your baby’s recovery following illness is greatly facilitated by mother’s milk if they become ill as a result of this milk. 

Due to this, parents in NICUs are encouraged to pump milk or use donor milk for their babies.

The first lotion for your baby can be breastmilk. It is common for a newborn’s skin to become dry and flaky in the first couple of weeks.

There are chemicals in baby lotions that can harm your baby, and this is completely normal. Your baby can benefit from breastmilk’s high fat content, healing properties, and easy application.

It has been scientifically proven that breastmilk kills germs and can be used to help heal cuts and scrapes. Breast milk syringes containing a small amount of breastmilk are often kept in the freezer for health purposes.

Children are at risk for ear infections, and parents are encouraged to help their children heal without using antibiotics, which have created resistant bacteria due to overuse. 

An infected ear can benefit from a few drops of this solution to speed up healing and prevent the need for antibiotics in mild cases. Problems can often be solved overnight.

Having a sunburn is no fun, but breastmilk’s natural healing and pain-relief properties make it a great remedy for sunburns. Breastmilk can help soothe your toddler’s skin if he or she has anciently burned skin, though no one wants to find themselves with a little one with anciently burned skin.

Breastmilk’s healing and inflammation-reducing properties make it an excellent treatment for rashes. This is a wonderful tool to help keep your baby comfortable if he or she is sensitive to fragrances in soaps or detergents. If you have a diaper rash, you can even use breast milk to treat it.

Other uses for breastmilk

You can donate your extra milk if you are blessed to have an abundance of milk supply to mothers who are less fortunate in providing for their babies. If you have more than you need, donating milk is an excellent way to help others.

You can sell milk instead of donating it if you can’t donate it. Even bodybuilders and cancer patients are known to consume breastmilk. Breastmilk contains both proteins and antibodies that are good for the body and can aid in recovery.

Breastmilk jewelry can be made with some of it. Your breastmilk can be used to create jewelry to help you remember those first few months with your baby. On Etsy, you’ll find amazing crafters who can help you create a piece you’ll cherish forever.

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