Uses For Rose Water

Rose water has been used for generations to help women look and feel beautiful inside and out. You can make your own homemade rose water or buy at most natural health stores and herb shops. Rose water has amazing benefits for the skin and is generally safe on all skin types and on people of all ages provided they have no allergy to roses. I used to make rose water myself and I really should do it again when the roses are in season. The delicate fragrance is so wonderful.

simple uses for rose water

Health and beauty uses for rose water

1 Skin toner

Rose water makes a great skin toner as part of your daily wash routine. The soothing nature or rose water helps close pores and reduce red puffy skin. After washing your face apply rose water before using your moisturizer. This reduces inflammation and redness while soothing skin reactions without being harsh on the skin like acid based tonners.

2 Makeup setting spray

Make your own rose water spetting spray by mixing 1 table spool glycerin into a two oz spray bottle and filling with rose water. Shake well and use to set your make up. This is a great option for anyone looking for a gentle and safe makeup settign spray.

3 Acne

While you can use rose water as an all over face tonner you can also use it as an acne spot treatment. Use a cotton swab to apply rose water directly to acne spots to reduce redness and dry out acne.

4 Hair Rinse

Rinse your hair with rose water after washing for a natural conditioner that lives your hair bright and healthy.

5 Face mask with clay

Mix bentonite clay and rose water together until you have a nice medium consistency paste. Apply to your face and let dry before rinsing away. this is a great facemask for acne, redness, and puffy skin.

6 Sunburn soothing

Use rose water on sunburns to soothe them. For an even more powerful punch mix the rose water with aloe vera gel and store in the refrigerator. These two will work to heal the sunburn while the cold temperature will cool the burn instantly.

7 Puffy red-eye reducer

Just get done crying? Fighting seasonal allergies? USe rose water around your eyes to fight puffy red eyes allowing you to put your best foot forward.

8 Linen spray

Fill a small spary bottle with rose water to use as a linen spray around your home. From beds to curtains and freshening your closet this simple linen spray will leave behind a soft rose fragrance.

9 Soothe irritated skin

If you suffer from dry easily irritated skin you can benefit from rose water. Simply apply to irritated skin to soothe and speed healing.

Cooking uses for rose water

simple uses for rose water

Rose water takes on many of the antioxidants found in roses. This makes it a great option for adding to recipes for a subdued rose flavor and the age-defying benefits that come with the roses.

10 Addition to your favorite drinks

Add rose water to smoothies, lemonades, and teas for an added boost and light floral flavor. Try this fizzy Rose and Cucumber Collins cocktail at your next party or relax on the front porch with a matcha rose latte.

11 Baking

Rose water is great for adding to your favorite baking recipes from brownies to cakes. Rose water makes a beautiful floral frosting.

12 Syrup

May your own rose water syrup by bringing 1 cup rose water and 1 cup sugar to a simmer n the stove until thickened. This simple syrup can be sued for sweetening teas and in adding flavor to your favorite sweet recipes.

Recipes using rose water

Rose Ice Cream

Vegan Earl Grey Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oats w/ Rosewater

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