Ways to Make and Save Money From Home

As everything gets more expensive, most of us are looking for ways to make or save money.  Here are some ways you can save money and make extra cash, starting from the comfort of your own home.

Repairing instead of replacing

Some of the most expensive items in the home are our appliances. We rely on them every day, so if they break, we can struggle to replace them. The good news is, sometimes these appliances can be easily repaired.

For example, knowing how to test your dryer thermal fuse could make all the difference between having to buy a new dryer, or paying less money to have it repaired. Appliance Parts Pros have all the parts you need, and they have put together a guide on the tests you need to do, to save you from buying a replacement dryer when you don’t need to.

 Making money from your hobbies

If you need to make more from home, so you can afford unplanned expenses, why not use your hobbies? This depends on what you enjoy doing, but you could monetize hobbies and interests such as arts and crafts, baking, sports and fitness, or education.

You could sell items you’ve made and even personalize them, made health and fitness videos and make money on YouTube or your own subscription service, or create courses to pass on your education to others who want to learn the same things.


If you’re decluttering at home, you could be able to sell many of the items you don’t need anymore. If they’re in good condition and barely used, it makes sense to get money for them.

If you throw larger items away, you could have to pay for these to be taken to the tip. So, it makes sense to sell them instead, even if you don’t get much money for them.

You could also save money by decluttering in other areas of your life, such as canceling used subscriptions or those which don’t provide value.

Write a book

If you have a lot of knowledge in a niche subject, writing a book shouldn’t require too much research, and won’t cost money to publish digitally or as a print-on-demand book. There are a lot of other books available, so the more niche the subject, the better chance you have of selling to your target audience.

Take in a lodger

Taking in a lodger requires a lot of checks and ensuring you choose the right person, but if you’re struggling with the bills and have a spare room, it might work. Because your home is your own personal space, one idea might be to meet the potential lodger several times before deciding. You want to feel safe around someone before allowing them to share your home.

Making the most of your skills, extra space in your home, or any spare time you have can help to save or make money. If it’s something you enjoy, it won’t feel too much like work.

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