Simple Ways You Can Afford to Homeschool

Many homeschool families are working off a single income. That means there may not be much for wiggle room in the budget and so many parents are scared off from homeschooling when they look at the price tags of the popular boxed curriculum programs. Break the cycle and you can homeschool for next to nothing.

Simple Ways You Can Afford to Homeschool

Stock up at back to school sales. Back to school supply sales are like a drug for homeschoolers. The draw us in like magnets and lead to buying a case of notebooks. Good thing because we always seem to find a use for them all. To save money we buy what we need for the whole year and use fresh boxes of crayons and such as stocking stuffers at Christmas time, which is just about when we need them.

Get group rates for field trips. Homeschool group rates can be as good as 75% off for some attractions and museums. If you do not have a lot of homeschool friends get friends with kids together for the homeschool group rate. Most educational locations are more than happy to give you the discount for involved families that wish to supplement their child’s public education.

Be selective. Not everything that catches your eye is worth the cost in your homeschool. If something is not essential, look for a cheaper option, a DIY version, or make do without it and put those funds into something essential for your homeschool.

Saving money on your homeschool is easy

How to start homeschooling tips for homeschooling moms

Shop the back to school sales. Just because your child is not going to a traditional school does not mean you can not benefit from back to school shopping. Here are some back to school essentials for homeschoolers worth buying during the sales. Want to save more? Check out the tax-free back to school shopping days some states offer.

Use the library to your advantage. Most libraries carry homeschool resources, and if they do not you can request them. The reference section has every bit of research your child will need to learn and setting them loose they can find new interests for you to follow.

Put the web to work for you with fun learning games. Starfall, Teach Your Monster to Read, More Math, and so many other free sites exist to help your child learn and grow. Learning games are a great way to get young kids interested in school and learning. Sites like easy peasy all in one homeschool can help you go from preschool to graduation with free curriculum. Give ABCmouse a try and enjoy the first 30 days free.

Give your printer a workout. The web is full of free printables from preschool printable packs to writing and notebook for big kids. Save money on printables by using both sides of the paper, the backs of junk mail, and even flyers for the paper. Save money on ink with DIY refill kits you can buy online for a fraction of the cost of new, or recycle your cartridge for credit and buy refurbished at your favorite office supply store. If you don’t have a printer, save money when you buy one by picking an HP printer that is Instant Ink Ready and subscribe for ink discounts.

Upcycle things from around the house. Rice and beans make great sensory bin fillers. Anything you would normally recycle can become materials for crafts to enrich books you are reading or recreate a scene from history. The world is your limit and Pinterest is your helper.

Simple Ways You Can Afford to Homeschool

Get outside. The great outdoors is full of learning opportunities and it is free. Observation of plants and animals are key in science. Learn how ecosystems work, plant a vegetable garden for a great money saving homeschool opportunity and learn where your food comes from. Math can be practiced with leaves, sticks, and rocks.

Shop used curriculum. eBay, Homeschool swaps, the local bookstore, library clearance sales, and the thrift store can be treasure-troves for homeschoolers. From reading materials, furniture, curriculum, and manipulatives, you never know what you will find while out browsing. Give yourself a limited budget so you do not end up spending more money than you can really afford. You can even find used homeschool curriculum on Amazon.

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