What are the Similarities and Differences Between Cremation and Burial?

Most people have to choose between cremation and burial when they are planning where they wish to lay a body to rest, be it that of a loved one or even their own. If you are torn between the two options, there are several considerations that could help you decide which option is for you.


Choosing to be buried unfortunately means than you have to secure a plot of land in a cemetery. Depending on where you live in Texas, this might be harder than you think. Urban areas can have very full cemeteries and space can be at a real premium. It might not be possible to arrange for a grave in the cemetery of your choice at short notice.

Therefore, taking a look at some of the cremation Services Austin, Texas, has to offer could be the right choice for you. Cremation services in Austin are going to be quick and easy to arrange, and might be a lot less stressful than trying to find a gravesite that works. This means that you might be able to say goodbye to your loved one in a shorter timeframe, so you won’t have to drag things out while waiting to hear if you got a plot for a grave.


The services for a cremation and a burial are usually very similar. Both can start with a small reception in a chapel or some other place if you wish to hold a speech and give thanks to the memory of the person who has passed on. A eulogy is a touching addition to any funeral, and it can really bring those in mourning together as they celebrate the life of the one they have loved and lost.

With a burial, however, you might also have a small graveside ceremony. This could be as simple as saying the final rites, or you might want to all gather together for a hymn or last song by the grave.


Finally, there will be quite a difference in the memorial between a cremation and a burial. The latter will nearly always have a gravestone. This traditionally carries some information about the person like their name and birthday, and might also have a quote that they enjoyed. With a cremation, you will typically only see an urn as a memorial, and if you choose to scatter the ashes then you might want to consider a memorial elsewhere.

Choosing to pay for a bench in the public eye or a small plaque could be a nice memorial to have in public, especially if your loved one was very well known in their community. This could prove to be a lovely gesture, whether they are buried or cremated.

Both a burial and a cremation can be good choices in the right circumstances. Pick the one that will be right to honor the memory of your loved one, and celebrate their life in just the right way.

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