What Needs an Upgrade in Your Home?

As a homeowner, you must always be on the lookout for things that need to be improved on so your home stays in great condition. If you’re unsure about where to start, read on. Outlined are some of the areas you may upgrade in your next project for a gorgeous and functional home.

Your Yard

Your yard is the first thing to think about upgrading especially if it sees a lot of traffic from family and friends, or even just yourself. One idea for a yard upgrade is to install a swimming pool. With 10.4 million residential swimming pools in America as found by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), it’s clear that swimming pools are popular among homeowners. If you live in an area with a warm climate and you know that you will use the pool often, it’s a good option to consider. Do some research on the space and cost that will be associated with the pool and if you can get it done, then go ahead and have one built if you’re able to do so.

Your Bathrooms

The bathrooms are another space in your home that could use an upgrade if it’s been a while since you got one done. Depending on whether you have more people than you had when you bought the house or fewer, there are a number of things you may upgrade in the bathroom. For instance, you could make common baths a bit bigger if there are more people in the household. You could also add more storage and install fixtures that will enable you to save water. If you don’t need extra space, you may make the bathroom a multi-usable space by partitioning it to hold something like a small storage area, for instance.

Your Fence

With different seasons may come different needs in your yard, but your fence is one thing that may have more or less a constant demand of certain qualities year-round. The main thing you most likely need from your fence is privacy and with this in mind, there are different options available for you. Fences with 25% to 50% open space, according to Purdue, are more effective in controlling wind than solid fences. If you’ve been having an issue with too much wind in your yard, you could install a more enclosed fence and in the process, also improve your privacy.

Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a popular space in most households and with good reason. It’s an easy space to hang out in as people can prepare meals or snacks while catching up with each other. If it has been a while since you had your kitchen updated, therefore, you could consider revamping it to make it a bit more modern and functional. Add an island, for instance, and install more modern and energy-conserving appliances, and you will have a better kitchen in which you can share a great time with your friends and family.

Your Basement

Finally, your basement is another space that you should consider upgrading. With 60% of homes in the United States having wet basements and 38% being at risk of developing mold, according to This Old House, it’s important to take good care of yours. Inspect it and if there are any signs of water seeping into it, have an expert suggest a solution for you. When you have a good basement, you have extra living space and you can use it for storage or even convert it into a playing area for your kids.

Your home can likely use an upgrade of one or more of the spaces outlined above. Pick one and work on it as soon as you’re able to do so and you will soon have a home that you enjoy living in, perhaps more than you do right now.

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