Why you Should Donate your Car to Charity

We are always looking for simple ways to give back and to help us grow. One way we found to do this was to donate an old clunker car we had sitting around. We were never going to get around to the work needed to fix it up and seeing it did not fit our family it was really not worth the effort.

Sure we could have sold it off to the local junk yard but it had plenty of life left in it for a family willing to put in the work. With some research, we decided we for the best impact you should donate your car to charity.

Why you Should Donate your Car to Charity

I know it seems like a big thing to just give away but here are a few great reasons why you should donate your car too.

It’s greener than trashing it. Sure the junk yard will sell a few parts out of your car over time. Sadly the majority of the car will sit in a heap of rust for seemingly ever until they decide to melt it down into something new. By donating your car to charity you give it a chance at a new life.

Most will fix the car and sell it to help the needy and some organizations will fix them and GIVE them to the needy. Either way that really beats it rusting away right?

You get a tax deduction. Right now many of you are spending your tax returns on a new car. This is great because you can pay in full and get the best prices on car insurance. By thinking ahead and donating your old car you are looking at a great tax deduction for next year.

Less hassle. Even if your car is in great shape donating may make getting rid of it a whole lot easier. Don’t bother wasting money on paying for insurance for a parked car, or keeping plates up to date. Donate your car to charity and you DON”T have to deal with the hassle of trying to sell the car on sites like craigslist.

Feel good about helping others. The world is a tough place and it feels nice to know that something you don’t need anymore is going to help another family thrive and grow.

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So many great reasons Why you Should Donate your Car to Charity

What charity have you donated your car to before or are considering?

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