Get Spring Cleaning Help From Amazon?

So I was playing on Amazon killing time while I avoided the fun job of washing diapers and boiling them due to a boil water advisory going on the other night. A bad choice because that was a lot of work and needed to be done before bedtime.

Anyways I was looking for some fun stuff to make Spring Cleaning and everyday cleaning easier. With 4 kids you need all the help you can get.

Get Spring Cleaning Help From Amazon?

Spring cleaning finds on amazon

I found several fun things I need like this broom, vacuum, dust pan, thing a ma jig that has now made it to the top of my must have list. I could also use a few sets of these dust mop food socks to put the kids to work while they are running back and forth all day long.

I love these mats that keep your fridge easy to clean after you go through the work of scrubbing them.

Hire a maid to Spring Clean on Amazon?

Perhaps the most interesting find was that I could use Amazon to hire a maid to do my spring cleaning! And at a pretty darn good price too. Umm, That one threw me off. Amazon literally has EVERYTHING now a days. Pretty cool if you ask me. They even have a service for moving in and out so you can get your full deposit back. The good news is that they use businesses local to you so while using Amazon you can help support local businesses around you with Amazon’s quality assurance.

Spring cleaning just got easier

If you find yourself wishing for some help with spring cleaning give Amazon Home services a try

This fun spring cleaning service includes:

  • Deep cleaning of all rooms in your home
  • Bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen counters, floors, and stove & oven cleaning
  • Washing all interior windows and surfaces (walls not included)
  • Pro will provide cleaning supplies
  • Trash removal to your outdoor cans
  • Pro not expected to clean inside appliances or deep clean/shampoo carpets

Which if you ask me gives you more time to focus on those things you forgot to clean.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Will you give this simple Spring cleaning hack a try?

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