Why Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

If your house happens to be one of the roughly 30% of American homes with basements, there is one essential need you must seriously consider: waterproofing. Even if your house happens to be somewhere hot and dry or desert-like, using Basement Waterproofing Products will help. 

You can stop considering waterproofing only if your place has absolutely-zero rainfall or snow and no possible source of water within miles.

The cost of using Basement Waterproofing Products do merit substantial investments from homeowners. However, the same is true for every home improvement that one does. So, whether you want to make your home more livable for your family or plan to sell it someday, waterproofing is vital.

The following are the frequently asked questions about basement waterproofing.

How much would it cost to waterproof my basement?

The average cost for basement waterproofing is within the range of $2.50 to $4.20 per square foot. That price range accounts for the costs of labor and materials used, which include epoxy injection, polyurethane sealant, gutters, and the interior sump pump.

On the lower end of the price range, the average cost per square foot could be a little less than $1 to a little over $2. That includes labor costs plus waterproof painting, a bituminous sealer, and an exterior sump pump only.

A more comprehensive basement waterproofing could have an average cost of $5 or more per square foot. In addition to the labor costs and materials enumerated for the national average, it could include foot drain, exterior sump pump, window wells, and excavation.

Will a little leak in the basement damage my home?

At first glance, a damp patch or a little sliver of water on your basement wall may pose no serious threat. You might not even notice it. But with time, the combined physics of gravity, water, and pressure builds up, and it won’t be long before you find yourself standing in a flooded basement.

A flood anywhere in your home is the last thing you would want to happen. It results in a significant financial burden that you most likely did not plan for.

Likewise, by disregarding how dangerous small leaks are, you risk the condition of your home’s livability for your family. 

Can water damage in my basement decrease my home’s resale value?

Does any damage to your home make you consider moving your family elsewhere? If yes, then you can bet that a flood-prone basement can slash your home’s resale value by a substantial margin. Besides, nobody ever considers a basement for an indoor pool.

It is not just the flooding itself. By leaving your home’s basement to frequent leaks or flooding, the entire structural foundation of the house weakens. The number of cracks in the basement starts to increase, and each crack grows bigger as water continues to seep through it.

Ultimately, your home’s value will plummet in both its aesthetic and structural aspects.

So, waterproofing my basement boosts my home’s value?

The answer is a resounding yes. 

First, you get to enjoy your home more. Once you have fully secured your basement from leaks, molds, and efflorescence—all the signs of a non-waterproofed basement—you free yourself and your family from associated hassles and lingering costs.

Furthermore, a dry basement helps maintain the excellent air quality in your home and allows additional living space. You could easily convert it into a hobby room or an extra bedroom if you need it.

Moreover, when you plan to sell your home, you would be avoiding the struggle of finding a willing buyer. By providing extra livable space through a waterproofed basement, your buyer would most likely be willing to pay for it. That is why most real estate experts agree that investing in basement waterproofing will allow you to recoup the cost once you sell your house.

Basement Waterproofing Products will undoubtedly be a good home investment for you. However, the cost will depend on the kind of waterproofing that you need. But whichever type or method you use, it would prove to be a long-term benefit for you even when you finally decide to make a profit from your home.

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