What to do When you Burn Thanksgiving Dinner

Don’t panic. We have all been in this spot a time or two. The bad part is when you burn thanksgiving dinner good chances are you have a crowd waiting or even watching. A sense of humor can go a long way in this case.

Smile and move on with these helpful tips on what to do when you burn Thanksgiving dinner. When I was a little girl.

I had been served so many burnt meals I actually told a neighbor that had burnt the chicken she served. “That’s ok. I like it That’s how my grandma cooks it.” As I got older I discovered that was not um… normal lol.

Help i burnt thanksgiving dinner

Basics to save a burnt Thanksgiving dinner

The first thing you should do no matter what part of the meal you have burnt is to quickly remove the food from heat. This means get it out of the oven or off the stove a.nd onto a dish or cooling rack right away.

If you have burnt the bottom of a dish. DO NOT stir just remove any non-burnt part out of the pot right away. Do not scrape the burnt parts off the bottom of the pot or stir it into the rest of the pot. Stirring will spread the burnt flavor into the entire dish and there is no coming back from that. I discovered that one when someone turned a pot of soup back on.

When you burn the turkey or ham

Burning the main dish can make the entire meal feel like a failure. The bright side is unless you are my grandmother and do not remember that you were cooking until the food becomes dust odds are the meal can be salvaged.

In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you notice the outside of your turkey browning long before the inside is booked grab some aluminum foil and cover your turkey to protect it from browning and burning.

If you dropped the ball on catching the turkey before it burnt remove the turkey or ham from the oven and place it into a cool pan or even onto a cool baking sheet. Just get it away from the pan which is not a heat source in itself. Carve before serving and toss the crispy parts.

A must pin for the holidays. How to save burnt cookies, pies, biscuits, and even turkeys

Help I burnt the biscuits, dinner rolls, or cookies

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect biscuit recipe. Then to your dismay destroy a batch then you became distracted with other things on your to-do list. The good news is you can prevent burnt bottoms by switching out to a class baking dish that will heat more evenly.

If you do burn the bottoms of your cookies, biscuits, or dinner rolls you can save them by grabbing the cheese grater. Simply grate the burnt parts off and move on with your day. I won’t tell.

My pie crust is burning and the middle is not cooked.

Pies can be a bit finicky and you may notice your pie crust is burning. Your filling is nowhere near ready to pull from the oven. Quickly grab some aluminum foil and cover your pie crust to protect it from the heat. Next time grab a pie shield before the holiday and be ready to protect your pie crust.

Help I burnt the stuffing

Opps. Yes, that happens. Stuffing can be a bit picky but the bright side is the burnt flavor does not travel so you can save your thanksgiving dinner by simply tossing the burnt part and moving on with the night.

The rest will be just fine. If the rest is a bit dry heat some chicken stock and pour over top then fluff with a fork. No one will know and I sure won’t tell on you.

Save this for the holidays. How to save each part of your thankgiving dinner when it starts to burn

Remember that it is not all about the food and if you end up not having the holiday dinner you where hoping for you can still make the most out of the time with your family.

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