10 Small Place Living Tips That Designers Vouch For!

Living in a small space comes with a whole new set of challenges. We have spent our fair share of time living in small spaces and the truth is with the right strategy living ins a small space can be a great experience. Just because your space is small, that does not prevent it to be stylish. In fact, a majority of the city dwellers are now living in petite apartments. Decorating small places needs no magic but tricks. We have gathered quite a few of those from the designers.  Have a look!

  1. Plan it first

You do not enjoy much flexibility when living in a small place. This makes planning the most crucial part of the decorating project.  Always give serious thought about what you want as everything you intend to use should match to the scale.

Also, chalk out a plan about how you are going to use those and their placement. This will help you visualize the overall decor. When you follow the plan you are sure to get the desired result.

A minimalist approach is the way to go with this one. Try aiming for a no-waste kitchen and lifestyle to make your space feel bigger and less cluttered.

  1. Always think big

There is no hard and fast rule that everything has to be tiny in a small apartment.  Most of the people bring in a number of small furniture in a small place. This simply makes it cluttered. Do not be shy to include a big sofa or couch as because they will take up much space.

Single large furniture can make a better décor statement than many small-scale units. You may also mix and match larger and smaller pieces for a grand look.

  1. Open up with light

Lighting has the power to open up a small place. Skip the blackout blinds and let the room flooded with natural light. This will make the place brighter.  Also, adorn with artificial lights. This will make the place glam when the sun sets down.

Varieties of lighting options are available. Placing an oversized lampshade in the corner creates an interest.  When there is not much floor space available, opt for wall sconces and pendants. This will warm up the place.

  1. Make it dramatic with colors

The usual notion is to be monochromatic in small places. But the designers are in favor of going bold with colors. You can paint the walls with bold colors for a dramatic look. Just paint the ceiling in a lighter shade. This will move it up and give an illusion of more space.

Also, add colors with accessories. Have colorful pillows, cushions, and rugs. They will enliven your place with a great combination of colors.

  1. Decorate vertically  

Decorating a small place is like playing a 3D chase game. As you are short in floor space, you should think vertically to spruce up the place. Using wall decals are great for this purpose. Get colorful fabric curtains and hang them a couple of inches above the window.

Creating floating shelves on the wall also improve the decoration.  You can make them in the form of plain shelves, or in geometric shapes. This will impart a nice look and increase your storage as well.

  1. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Utmost creativity is essential for small place decoration. Multi-functional furniture is a great décor element for this. There are plenty of varieties of double-duty furniture available. You can also get them made for you.

Use a sofa or a bed with hidden storage underneath.  There are sofas that work as beds and lidded stool acting as storage for stashing things. Storage ottomans are great for using in place of a coffee table or as additional seating. A breakfast nook with storage in the benches can make a great addition to your dining space. Using them will jazz up the décor and save space as well. 

  1. Float the furniture

Never place furniture adjacent to the other. Move them a few inches apart. When there is a gap, it will impart an airy look. People also place the sofas against the walls. Move them away from the wall. With a gap behind them, your small apartment will look wider than the actual size.

  1.  Use a mirror to glam it up

Mirrors are also multifunctional. They can make your small place brighter by bouncing lights from all sources and directions. They also visually expand the place. Hang large mirror against the window or behind a lampshade. It will elevate the room.

In case hanging a large mirror is not possible, opt for an assembly of mirrors. They will also deliver the same effect and create a beautiful gallery wall. You can also adorn with a sunburst mirror. This will add charm to the interior.

  1. Make a statement with an artwork

Never go for a collection of small artworks. Include a large art piece instead. You can have anything from painting, sculpture, or abstract art. Place it strategically. This will make a bold statement in the small apartment. While a gallery may turn to be clumsy for a small pace, this is great to trick the eyes. It will make your small place living adorable.

  1.  Brighten with greeneries

Bringing in greeneries can make a small place lively and stylish if you do not overcrowd. Growing plants indoors is amazing but, living plants take work. They have high maintenance demands that don’t always fit into a modern lifestyle.  Indoor silk trees may make a great alternative. 

Meticulously crafted from high-quality commercial grade raw materials the interior artificial plants and trees look like their live versions. They are available in many varieties. Place anything from areca palms, fan palms, kentia palms etc in a corner of your small apartment.  They will make the place more friendly and lively with their majestic appearance.

The indoor decorative palm trees require no sunlight. You can place them in the darkest corner without any problem.  Since these are independent of seasons, they maintain the same glow throughout the year. Moreover, they do not grow and shed leaves reliving you from trimming and clearing the mess.

The best part of the artificial indoor palm trees is that they do not suffer mold growth and are non-allergenic. Moreover, they do not attract mosquitoes and other insects and deliver you a safe and hygienic indoor.

Decorating is an art and does not discriminate small and large places. It only involves taking full advantage of the space available and to utilize that. The above tips are perfect to let you achieve that. Follow those for decorating your small place and enjoy urban living.

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