Plants that Grow Well Indoors

I love to have plants growing in my home. Indoor plants help to reduce indoor air pollution, fight depression, and just make a home more cheerful. There are so many wonderful reasons to grow plants indoors. I may not be the best at taking care of my indoor plants. It doesn’t help I have some up high enough that I need a ladder to water them.  These are some of my favorite plants that grow well indoors so you can turn your home into a beautiful oasis.

Plants that grow well indoors

My favorite plant to grow indoors is Aloe Vera. I keep it in the bathrooms and kitchen to help filter the air and provide medicine for cuts and bruises. With 5 kids and my clumsy self in the house, it is easy to find uses for Aloe Vera around here. The aloe I have growing up out of reach grows well despite the fact it often gets overlooked when watering plants. The grow light I have in the bathroom helps keep the aloe thriving in the bathroom where the sun doesn’t come in as much as they need.

One of my favorite indoor plants I have grown was a Mayer Lemon Tree when we lived in Florida. When it would blossom in the winter the entire house would smell amazing. In the winter it would thrive inside near a window and I never had to worry about the few touches of frost we would get that would have the citrus groves have to deal with. In the summer it would live outside where it preferred to be. I would love to get a new one up here to make our home small of lemon blossoms.

African Violets are said to make great houseplants. Ours are growing out front in the garden bed around the base of the bush we cut down. I am thinking of bringing a pot of them inside to grow in my oldest daughters room where she can enjoy the beautiful color and fragrance when they are in bloom and the pretty green foliage when they are not.

While air plants are something to avoid in your garden they are great for growing indoors. They don’t even need soil to grow and thrive. Just a bit of water. These can be a fun way to add plants to places that traditional plants that require heavy pots will not work. These are a great alternative to artificial succulents in home decor projects.

Great options for indoor plants

If you are looking for a good greenery option that will continue to grow new plants that can be split into new pots to build a garden of green indoor plants then spider plant is the perfect addition to your home. Spider plants have a bright and cheerful green color that will pop in your home. Spider plants are great for cleaning the air inside your home.

Peace Lillies are great for growing indoors and help clean the air in your home. The beautiful blooms add cheer and you can get them in a verity of hights up to 6 feet tall so you can find one to fit nearly any space you need to fill.

For those of you looking for a trailing vine, you will fill in love with English Ivy. I love how it branches out and flows with beautiful leaves cascading down. I plan to add some to my kitchen to add some greenery in front of the large glass block windows.

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  • Sarah says:

    Really great options. I love those plants that give out a nice aroma–truly relaxing. Thanks for sharing this!