4 Tips To Make Winter Break More Fun For Kids

Winter break is an exciting time for kids. Not only are the holidays officially here, but your kids get to relax and unwind away from school for two weeks or more.

Many parents like to use these days off to give their kids time to learn outside the classroom and enrich their lives. But it can be tricky to find new ways to keep your kids’ minds and bodies active when it’s cold outside.

To help you out, here are four fun activities you can do during the winter break with your kids.

  1. Explore nature and have fun outside. The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean your family needs to steer away from outdoor activities. Kid-friendly winter hikes, sledding, skiing, and snowboarding are all great, exciting ways to keep your kids happy and healthy during winter break. Just be sure to keep everyone bundled up and to use sunscreen; fresh snow reflects up to 80% of UV radiation from the sun.
  2. Take a trip to the local library. Sometimes it’s just too cold to play outside. Fortunately, your local library is a great place to have some family fun. Check out your library’s monthly event calendar. Many libraries offer storytimes and other fun events like Read to Dogs and puppet shows.
  3. Visit a glassblowing studio. Glassblowing is an intense and captivating art form that’s been around for centuries. Unlike reaction injection molding, which involves mixing two liquid components and injecting them into a mold, glass art is made by melting glass at a temperature around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and blowing, sculpting, and casting the glass into a design. In the last few decades, glassblowing has become a studio art where families can get a chance to watch glass art being made.
  4. Teach your kids about the stars. Stargazing is a great activity that kids of any age can enjoy. Once the sun’s gone down, get bundled up and head outside. Show your kids how to find the landmarks in the sky like the moon and North Star. If your kids are older, show them how to spot the different constellations.

Whether you have a large family or you’re a single custodial parent, there are many different winter activities you can do with your kids to keep them entertained during winter break. Consider what your kids like, what they don’t like, and what events are going on in your city. Chances are you can find something entertaining for the whole family.

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