3 Ingredient Vanilla Coke Cake

The other day I was sitting at the table after my sister and I had made one of our big weekly grocery trips. My sister stocked up on a few cases of her boyfriend’s favorite soda and they sparked an idea.

I used to make soda cupcakes for my husband to take to work and we all know how yummy the Chocolate Coke Cake is from Cracker Barrel. So I was inspired to turn one of his Vanilla Cokes into a Vanilla Coke Cake.

Why you will love this 3 ingredient Vanilla Coke Cake

For starters, the name gives away the best part of this cake. it uses only 3 ingredients. This not only saves time but money. Because you can skip the eggs and oil in your cake mix to make this you can save money on these ingredients with ever-increasing prices.

You can make this even more affordable by grabbing the ingredients when they are on sale. The cake mix we have a large stock of in the pantry from a sale.

The flavor of the soda changes the flavor of the cake mix. The vanilla coke really upgrades the plain white cake mix. This recipe can really be done with any soda to upgrade your box of cake mix.

The texture is perfect. When you make a soda cake the outer layer crystallized from all of the sugar while the inside stays perfectly moist and tender.

What you need to make this rustic Vanilla Coke Cake

This vanilla coke cake is super easy only using three ingredients. While this is not the healthier or cleanest recipe out there for cakes it is fun and simple and without much work, you can put together the perfect rustic cake like I did or whip up some cupcakes or a simple frosted sheet cake.

For this you will need:

:: 1 box of white cake mix

:: 1 can Vanilla Coke

:: 1 can of vanilla frosting

I used my favorite 7 inch spring form pan because it is super easy to take the layers out and fits perfectly into my air fryer so I can bake without heating the house.

How to make a Vanilla Coke Cake

Making this Vanilla Coke Cake is super easy and can be done with just a few minutes of work.

Start by preheating your oven or in my case your Air Fryer to 350 degrees.

While that preheats mix your cake mix and can of soda together. This can be done really easily with a whisk.

Oil and flour your pans or use parchment paper milers to make them easier to remove the cake.

Fill your baking pans.

Bake follo2wing the directions on the box for the times depending on the pans you are using. For my 7 inch spring form pan with about 1/3 of the mix each run it took about 10 minutes per layer to bake.

Chill your layers.

Frost with canned frosting or try making your own vanilla buttercream frosting.

Serving your vanilla coke cake

Serve your vanilla coke cake like you would any of your favorite cakes. You can take a queue from the Cracker Barrel chocolate coke cake and serve with some vanilla bean ice cream or with a glass of Vanilla Coke.

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