8 Must-Know Cleaning Hacks To Save Time & Money

Having a clean home takes time and hard work. Keeping everything clean when you live alone is easy. However, when you have a big happy family, the mess can easily get out of your hands, especially if you have small kids.

Even though all that mess and toys all around the house bring happiness and character, you still have to know how to keep your home clean and tidy due to hygiene.

So, no matter if you live alone or if there is a bunch of you in the house, these cleaning hacks will help you all save time, and money and have a clean and fresh home. 

Clean the Dish Sponges

You use your dish sponges every day and they do an amazing job at cleaning dishes. However, these little guys are magnets for bacteria and grot and they should be changed regularly.

Besides throwing them out every week, you can significantly improve their cleanliness by throwing them in the washing machine!

So, the next time you are washing your colored clothes, pop your dish sponges in there and wash them on the 40-degree wash. This is a great way to kill all that bacteria and keep reusing the sponges and save tons of money on them. 

Wine Vinegar Cleans the Microwave

We all love using our microwaves since they save us a lot of time and electricity for cooking. However, no one likes cleaning the microwave since it can get too dirty and sticky.

To prevent that and reach all the corners of the microwave you should use wine vinegar. Create your own half/half solution of wine vinegar and water and pour it into a microwave-safe bowl.

Pop it in and set it to cook for five minutes. This will steam up the microwave, degrease all the corners and all you have to do is wipe down those steamy walls. 

Cleaning the Toilet

Let’s face it, no one likes cleaning the toilet bowl, especially if it has been neglected. But cleaning the toilet on a daily basis is an absolute must for your hygiene.

If you are tired of all those commercial cleaners that still require you to put some elbow grease into them, there is a great solution. You can use eco-friendly foaming toilet bowl cleaner that will easily disinfect and clean the toilet without hassle. Just let it dissolve and gently scrub everything away. 

Another great solution here is white vinegar. You can simply fill a glass jar with white vinegar, punch a few holes in the lid, and put the jar inside the water tank if possible. It will keep the toilet clean and bacteria-free for weeks, and you can just replace the jar, and voila. 

Dust Mop or a Swifter for the Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning can get too boring and tedious because you have to do it often. What’s more, it can get pretty dirty and we mostly focus on cleaning the toilet, shower, bath, and basin. And we all forget about the walls and often the floor of the bathroom.

To easily clean all the built-up dust from the walls, you can easily use a dust mop or a Swifter with your usual cleaning solution. And if there are too many water stains on the walls, simply use white vinegar again.

My favorite option for a Swiffer is the Swiffer vac which helps make cleaning the floors a one-step process.

Wash Plastic Toys in the Dishwasher

Your kid has a lot of toys and you are aware of how dirty those toys can get. If they are plastic, they can easily develop bacteria and chances are huge that your kids often put those toys in their mouths.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of wiping down all those toys or hand-washing them, you can simply pop them in the dishwasher. It souls silly, but they can thoroughly get cleaned in this machine, just don’t use too hot a program.

For the stuffed toys they love so much, you can wash them on a colder cycle in the washing machine and never worry about them being dirty. 

Clean Shower Heads with Vinegar

It is safe to say that white vinegar is a great solution for cleaning and once again it can help you a lot. Shower heads can get seriously dirty and have a lot of water stains which can damage the steel in the long run.

To clean them, you should simply soak them up in white vinegar overnight.

You can get a plastic bag and fill it up with this solution and tie it around the shower head so it is completely immersed. The next day, remove the bag and rinse the head and you will have a clean and bacteria-free shower. 

Overnight Mold Remover

Bathrooms are wet and moist so it’s no wonder we often see mold developing in the corners of the basin or shower. To remove it overnight, simply use bleach.

Put on your rubber gloves and soak cotton wool balls in bleach and lay them on the mold and mildew stains in the grout or sealant.

Leave those overnight and remove them the next day. Rinse those places and the mold will be gone. 

Don’t Forget about the Kettle

You probably use the kettle on a daily basis and you’ve probably noticed water stains and stones in it. To clean it, you can turn to good-old white vinegar again.

Fill the kettle with vinegar and water and turn it on. Let it boil and rinse the kettle and you are good to go. Just let it air out and rinse it properly to remove all the vinegar from it. 

As you can see, cleaning the house doesn’t have to be tedious. Instead, it can be effortless and quick. It is safe to say that your best friend in cleaning will be vinegar since it can dissolve all your cleaning problems and leave the surfaces bacteria-free.

Hopefully, these tips will help you up your cleaning game and they will make it much easier, cheaper, and better for the environment. 

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