A Guide to Design The Perfect Cubby House for Your Kid

Cubby houses are a great way to make your children go outdoors and play. Instead of remaining cooped up in the house, they can climb and run through beautifully designed cubby houses to their heart’s content, without having to leave the safety of their home. 

A cubby house could turn into anything they want. It could become a castle, a rock garden, or a pirate ship! Designing the perfect cubby house needs some imagination. But there are plenty of cubby house design and build companies like steelchief.com.au who will help you get the perfect one for your children. 

Here some ideas to design your ideal cubby house. 

  1. Build A Raised Platform

A cubby house should have some raised platform. Children love to climb, and your cubby house should have some climbing mechanism like a monkey bar. It will give them a sense of achievement when they can climb the raised platform and, in turn, will also help them build strong bones and muscles. 

  1. Rope Bridge

A cubby house is incomplete without a rope bridge. It does not have to be high, but merely balancing themselves on the rope bridge is a source of immense fun for the children. Hear their squeals of laughter as they try to get across the wobbly ropes, and yet, in the process, it helps with enhancing their balancing skills. A rope bridge will also blend seamlessly with any design, whether you have designed the cubby house like a jungle resort or an escape room. 

  1. Cozy Corner

Design the interior of the cubby house in warm colours and with cozy cushions. Most children would love to have a treehouse, but unfortunately, most homes do not have that kind of space. A cubby house is the next best thing, and it can become a haven for your children when they want to be alone with their thoughts. Stock it up with their favourite books, a lamp, and/or their favourite toys, and they will enjoy this little world of their own. 

  1. Suited for Various Age Groups

Depending on how well-built you want the cubby house to be, it should be versatile enough for your children for a few years. A cubby house will be a more or less permanent installment in your home for a few years at least. So it would be best if you made it flexible enough so that it stays relevant to your child’s age. 

A six-year-old child will have a different cubby house than a child who is nine years old. Keep room to make some alterations as your child grows up. One day, they might also want to bring their friends, so it should be flexible enough to accommodate two or three children, maybe even for a sleepover! 

There are plenty of cubby house designs that might come to your head. Ask your children what they want and incorporate their ideas into the design too. After all, it is meant to be their happy space. You can consult any cubby house design and building company with the perfect execution of the ideas, and you will become the world’s best parent for sure! 

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