Top 10 Tips on How to Save While Shopping Online

Online shopping is surely a different experience compared to shopping in-store. It has gotten so popular and you can basically buy everything you need through a few clicks. However, some online retailers want to score big prices with online shoppers. There are many ways to shop smart like signing up for promotion lists, waiting for sales, or using discounts like the lollicup coupon code

Everybody loves a good discount! It’s a win-win situation because the customers buy what they want and the retailers make a sale. But there are definitely other ways to snag a bargain besides using discounts.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to go shopping for groceries, clothes, bedroom items, movie tickets, and even furniture for your home! What makes it even better are the few sneaky ways you can actually spend less while doing your online shopping.

Below we will list the top ten tips to save money. You can thank us later.

  1. Plan your purchases along with seasonal trends. 

Brands always mark down their items when the seasons are about to change. They are purging old or outdated inventory to make room for new items. Imagine a bikini collection going on a massive sale right before the fall. This is definitely a good time for you to make your purchase! 

  1. Shop during clearance sales.

Similar to how the seasons change, brands have clearance sales after each collection. This is mostly seen with fashion retailers that sell clothes, shoes, and accessories. Since they create a good number of collections that they release throughout the year, they need to get rid of old stocks before new ones come in. 

  1. Sign up for newsletters, promotion lists, and loyalty clubs to redeem points.

Online shopping comes at an advantage because the brands get access to your email, and they will alert you when prices have dropped or when your favorite item is back in stock. This way you don’t have to keep checking and refreshing their page. You just need to register your email on their website and invite a friend to avail of a sweet discount!

  1. Use retailer coupons and promo codes.

Coupons and promo codes are a big help. They can be as little as 5% to even 70% off. Be smart with online shopping so you can maximize the use of promo codes, like the lollicup coupon code.

  1. Keep items on your wish lists or online carts.

When you’re done browsing online, we recommend leaving the products in your cart for a few days. This can help you avoid an impulse purchase for something you might not really want to have. 

But here’s the clincher – most brands will see the items sitting in your cart as an unclosed deal. As long as you are logged into your account on their website, they will send you coupons or offer a cheaper price the next day to motivate you to make the purchase.

  1. Search “As Is” on shopping sites for discounts on returned or secondhand items.

This trick will work on a few sites, including Amazon (for warehouse deals). Retailers will sell your items at half the price or even more if it was recently returned. The discount comes from minimal issues on the product such as an opened box, loose stitching, or a tiny scratch. If the flaws are manageable for you and the sale price is good, then you can check out the cheapest one you find!

  1. Keep an eye out for influencer marketing for discounts or free shipping promos.

Nowadays, brands use a different type of marketing strategy by hiring celebrities and content creators or “influencers” for online promotions. You can shop smart by checking for their posts and discounts from your favorite brands. Surely you will cop as much as 20% off or even free shipping for some products they are endorsing. 

  1. Accumulate single-use coupons with multiple emails.

Online stores love giving out coupons for every newsletter sign-up. You can increase your chances by signing up your multiple emails! Be sure to log into their website before checking out so that your discounts, like the lollicup coupon code, will apply.

  1. Run price comparison checks before checking out.

Another way to avoid overpaying is by comparing prices across multiple sellers. You can do this by installing browser add-ons that will scout for the exact same product but from different merchants. They can even organize the prices from lowest to highest and notify you for any available coupons!

Some apps (like Pricegrabber) will scan the product’s barcode to notify you about the total cost which include taxes, shipping, and any other expenses.

  1. Beat the dynamic pricing trap.

Lastly, some merchants offer biased prices! These vary per customer based on their location, browsing history, spending patterns, and the current demand of the product. This is most commonly seen for airline tickets which can have as much as $200 price difference within a few minutes. 

You can avoid this by clearing your browsing history and cookies, logging out of your social media accounts (including email), using anonymous browsing, and changing your location. These little tips will help you know the lowest possible prices for the items that you want.

These are simple but effective ways to spend less money when shopping online. If you are really determined, you can even combine these tips to snag the best and biggest deals. 

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