How to Build Comunity and Social Skills with Children

You may have noticed we have been a bit quiet as of late. Things have gotten crazy around here with an extra dose of insanity for good measure. Our family temporarily grew by 5. 4 of which were children with very little to no social skills. It was a train wreck and I was just trying to keep everything from falling apart. I was in over my head and somehow had to keep everyone fed, the house clean, and teach the kids how to get along.

Building comunity skills

The latter proved to be more than a challenge than I had anticipated. The good thing is Mother Goose Time came to my rescue. While I haven’t gotten around to commenting on the fact this year Mother Goose Time made a big change to the curriculum that I love and I was so grateful for in my time of challenge. They added something called Community Challenges to the morning routines. While we don’t do these every day they really make a great tool for helping on days the kids need to take a step back and work on working together.

Comunity Building Skills

I find that the Comunity Challenges are great for taking arguing kids and helping them calm and reconnect. Pulling out these tools really helped me calm the storms and I even used the skills I learned with Mother Goose time to come up with a few fun challenges using some of the unique items we have running around the house.

For this activity, I took our parachute and let the kids play inside with it. We tossed on a couple of the inflatable globes Mother Goose Time sent with the Experience God add-on we receive. I challenged the kids to keep the ball moving but not let it hit the ground. Then we added more globes. And when that got boring we put on some music and had the kids freeze when the music stopped. This kept the kids busy for a while.


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