Building a Fire Pit and Fire Pit Saftey

Fall has finally arrived!!! It began to feel like we would never see spring or summer this year. I’m so glad we did and we can dive into cleaning up the yard and starting the garden. This year we got the firepit done.

Building a fire pit is a simple job that pays off well by making great compost for the garden. My husband and son spent the morning building the new fire pit last weekend while I worked to put up the T-poles for the laundry lines.

Building a fire pit with found materials

We used the materials found in our yard to make it happen. While trimming back the back of the property Monkey and I found so many bricks we did not even use them all on this project. We will lug a bunch out front to edge the front garden bed.

First, the guys dug out a nice big hole to put a dinged up galvanized bucket we had in the yard into the ground.  there’s not much cuter than watching them work together. Listening to them laugh and joke made the whole weekend.

After they dug the hole and inserted the bucket we used above ground last year they lined around it with bricks to create a wall to contain the fire and make space for any flying embers.

Building the fire pit

After they got the fire pit built they went right into burning down the brush left over from me spending days trimming back the bushes that create our living privacy fence I love so much. Once the fire goes out each day ashes are collected for the garden.

The soil has been neglected for years and can use all the help it can get. While burning down the old wood from our pile we made last fall we decided to do a batch of hot dogs over the fire and got a bit creative.

Fire Pit Saftey Guide

fire pit saftey

Fire pits can be a great way to relax with family and friends on a nice evening. They can also be a great way to get hurt if you don’t use a little common sense.

We built ours out of the main half of the yard. By placing it in the back half with it out of the way so no child falls into it running. They are my kids after all and it’s completely possible. This was a good choice because we got a large wooden play set for the kids and did not need to move the firepit.

When the fire is lit we always keep a bucket of water nearby. You don’t want to risk anything burning that you don’t want to and it makes putting the fire out at the end of the night easier. Even better would be a hose with a sprayer on it but ours was just a few feet too short to be our go too option number 1.

When we have a fire going the toddler that is too young to understand limits is kept in the pack and play or in an adult’s arms so we know she won’t wander too close. A pack-in-play is a great way to keep little ones safely away from the fire.

Teach the children to stay back from the fire pit when it is lit or not so they have the habit to keep back. We will be using this fire pit to teach the older children how to light a fire without matches.

My husband’s birthday was a few days ago and to celebrate that and our 10th year of marriage I am spending 31 days blogging our adventures. Check out how I made his favorite soda into cupcakes and of course cooking hot dogs over the fire pit last weekend.

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