Childrens Books about Dinosaurs

January’s theme this year is dinosaur dig and I just love diving in with this one. Nothing really captivates children like Dinosaurs do. From the youngest to the oldest they all have so much to learn. The older children remember grand adventures to awesome places like T-Rex Cafe and can dig back to the memories of eating surrounded by prehistoric creatures. We dug around to find some children’s books on Dinosaurs for the children.

Dinosaur books for kids

Kids are fascinated with dinosaurs and love fun activities like making dinosaur fossils or when we made some dirt playdough last summer with our over-dramatic dino friend.

Dinosaur books for young children.

I Drempt I was a Dinosaur is an adorable story of a child dreaming he is a dinosaur going through a typical dino day. I love the illustrations in this one originally sewn in felt. Get it on Barefoot Books. Get it on Amazon

Thesaurus Rex is the story of a T-rex going through a typical day in the life of your young child. This is great for encouraging creativity and a connection with creatures they will never see in real life. This story works in plenty of vocabulary for your little one. Get it on Barefoot Books. Get it on Amazon.

Dinosaur Rap is a great sing-along story. We love these story CD combos from Barefoot Books. They have a terrible habit of getting stuck in our heads but the sing-song nature encourages children to fall in love with the book. The delightful sing-along Portside Pirates was stuck in my head for a long time when we explored Alphabet Island.  Get it on Barefoot Books. Get it on Amazon

As always Mother Goose Time sends a great book for Preschool aged children. This month they sent Jurassic Jam a story from their

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs is great. I love the National Geographic books made for little kids. They have amazing detail but text that younger children can handle and digest.

My kids love the Cat in the Hat. Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs takes kids back in time in the fun and informative childlike way styled after the amazing Dr. Seauss.

Something about popups just makes everything loads of fun for young children making the Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up the perfect book for your young paleontologist.

You cant forget the classics like My Big Dinosaur Book that can keep kids turning pages exploring for hours.

With a baby that joins us for school again, we love to pull in things she can enjoy. Touch and Feel: Dinosaur Touch & Feel is perfect for her to explore.

Dinosaur books for Older Children.

I snagged a copy of this a couple years ago on sale about half price at Aldi. I so love a good Aldi find that comes back to really shine as a great choice. The pictures in Dinosaurs Encyclopedia: Uncover the Prehistoric World are so strongly detailed it can even make me dizzy if the children run up to show me something while I do not have my glasses on. You would thing they where HD photos.

The more photos demistrating the wonders that we can not see the better. We love the amazing photos in theis Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia

My older children are in that chapter book stage. The Dinosaurs! Animal Planet Chapter Book is great for getting them to dive into reading on our topic for the month.

I used to love encyclopedias like this when I was a kid. Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages

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Childrens books about dinosaours

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