Teaching Sewing Skills: Preschool Fine Motor Skill Building

One of my big goals for the children is to master basic life skills, like sewing before they are grown up. Sewing is one of those things you just can’t live without knowing when you need to live on a budget.

Sewing allows you to save money on kids clothes, like when I patch toddler pants or add new feet to their blanket sleepers.  by giving them the skills they need as kids I will make their lives infinitely easier as adults.

Sewing skills are great for preschoolers to start working on building up fine motor skills needed for writing.

Sewing skills for preschool

You all know I love Mother Goose Time. While things have been very crazy around here as usually during the busy and stressful holidays Mother Goose Time allows me to keep the kids having fun and being active.

This years winter theme takes us back to winter gear and MITTENS! Truly perfect for yet another very snowy December.

Last year we learned about mittens with our The Mitten Unit Study using Mother Goose Times connections to the classic children’s book The Mitten. The kids made this connection when we unwrapped The Mitten few days later as part of our Storybook Advent.

How to work on Basic Sewing Skills with Preschoolers

Sewing skills for preschool

On this particular evening, my oldest and I worked with the preschoolers on sewing with this cute invitation to create. First, we helped them just practice moving the needle in and out of the plastic canvas. Once they mastered the motion we worked on simple shapes. This made a great way to introduce basic sewing skills to our preschoolers.

What you need to do this at home:

Mesh plastic canvas

Plastic sewing needles

Embroidery Floss or thin yarn

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again
Teaching basic sewing skills in preschool is great for building fine motor skills

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