Multi-Age Reading Lessons

Before I was teaching so many children on different levels I wondered how teachers used to do this in one room school houses. Even my neighbor questioned how I can teach multiple levels at once. Now that I have been doing it I have learned that it is not really as hard as it sounds. In fact teaching them all at once can be pretty amazing to watch. In the picture below we are all gathered in a circle baby on my lap before bed having a multi- age reading lesson.

Multi gae reading.

While the older kids work on reading in other ways as well this is a favorite for the entire family. We gather around with the copies Mother Goose Time gives us to read. My older children work on practicing read aloud skills while my younger children get to become familiar with the flow of the words and finding the words their big brother and sister read aloud.

I use the babies copy with her on my lap so I can go through the short easy to read book with the children without leaning over them like I do in individual reading lessons. While this may not be the most traditional bedtime story it is a favorite every month and often asked for before it appears in the monthly curriculum.

When we are done I cave the copies of the easy to read books off to the side with one out for the kids to enjoy all they want. If one beacuse damaged or we want to do reading with more than one child I have spares.

The big kids

The 10 and 7-year-olds work on reading together using my favorite program Logic of English. With 3 levels to work through, they can work at the same time at a level that fits them. This is my favorite for the big kids.

Preschool reading lessons

My 3 and 4-year-olds like to do big kid school work most days as well. When they are cooperative I encourage them to use the more literacy workbook from Mother Goose Time that goes with the monthly theme.

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