Light Up Snowball Orniment

Working on decorating for Christmas with the kids has been a ball this year. We challenged ourselves to keep the cost low to leave room in the budget to buy a 9 foot tree for next year. to go in the front room near the large bay window. With all the snow hitting this year we decided our Ornament of the year would be a now ball. So I gathered enough stuff to make each child and the entire family a light up snowball ornament at the local dollar tree.

Light Up Snowball Orniment

These are so simple to make but take a little skill to hang in the tree and hide the battery box.  The kids love having the “Snowballs” glowing on the tree for a while each night before bed. They are simple to make but one key I have found is to glue these babies shut or face the consequences of… well you know how the styrofoam pellets get. IF you don’t well lucky you.

Hop on over to your local dollar tree for these items.

  • Fake snow
  • Battery operated LED lights
  • Large plastic craft Christmas ornament.
  • Craft glue

Make your own Lighted Snowball ornament

Light Up Snowball Orniment

Stuff the Christmas lights inside of your Craft Christmas bulb.

Fill the remaining space in the bulb with fake snow.

Glue the top of the bulb back on.

Add batteries and light up your new Christmas Ornament.

The easiest option to hide the battery pack is to glue it behind.

Light Up Snowball Orniment

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