Choosing What is Worth the Cost for your Homeschool

As kids are heading back to school us homeschool moms are looking at the challenges of educating our children without breaking the bank. Most of us live on a single family income and those that don’t are only making 2 working parents and homeschooling work because they need every dime they get. With tight budgets, it is hard to decide where your homeschool funds will go and how to get the most of them. If you are struggling with this you are not the only one. Making financial decisions about our children’s education is difficult.

Choosing where to spend money on your child's education is a challenge

What curriculum is worth the cost?

When shopping curriculum it can be depressing to see the cost of everything you want and need. You see yourself debating if you really need that program or if you can find one cheaper. You wish you have the budget for one of those HUGE full year kits but a few thousand dollars is a lot to shell out at once.

Look for a curriculum that covers all the bases and cuts overall costs. We use Mother Goose TimeMother Goose Time to help keep time, work for me, and cost down for homeschooling. Programs like this come with nearly everything you need saving you money over all. Choosing a subscription style one like Mother Goose Time means you do not have to pay the entire cost up front allowing you more wiggle room to get curriculum you enjoy.

Picking an all-inclusive program can save a lot of money but may not be a good fit for your family. If buying curriculum piece by piece look for programs that utilize textbooks you can use over and over with future children or sell next year. Most of these use consumable workbooks on the side. These are much cheaper than buying an entire curriculum for later children. Families like ours do really well save money this way allowing us to invest in more quality curriculum.

What supplies do I need to spend more money on?

Taking a look at where it invest in your child's homeschool education

Homeschoolers love back to school sales. Something about great deals on stuff your children use day after day just appeals to us but what is worth spending your budget on for better quality and what can you get the off brand for?

While brick and mortar schooling parents are rushing the aisles for backpacks and lunch boxes of the highest quality their budget can afford in hopes they will last all year you get to focus on other things. Tax-free holidays are a bit more fun for you.

A good computer, printer, and lamination machine are worth the investment in your child’s education. If all you can afford is a computer and a printer you can homeschool but homeschooling without a computer can get a little difficult. We use ours for everything.

The basic school supplies like pencils, crayons, and paper is where you can save the most money without sacrificing your child’s education. Use Back to school sales to give your children the best start possible.

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