Level Rewards: Is it a Scam? How Does it Work?

Level Rewards has been all over lately and well I figured I needed to address it for work at home moms looking for more income. While some refer to it as a business but it is more closely related to Swagbucks with a twist and I discovered it really does pay out but getting people to join under you so you can get paid is like pulling teeth.

How to make money with level rewards

Is Level Rewards a Scam?

Simply put… no Level Rewards is not a scam. In my research and trials, I did see that level rewards does really work but not in the way people make you think. No, you won’t get rich fast. No, they can’t promise you will make money today… or any day for that matter but if you put the work into it you can earn and get paid. Leveling up is easy but you MUST refer others to get paid.

In the spirit of full disclosure, all Level Rewards links in this post are my link so well you can do the math.

How does Level Rewards Work?


Level Rewards just like Swagbucks get paid when people complete offers from them in a similar fashion bloggers get paid with affiliate programs. Like Swagbucks and other rewards programs some offers on Level Rewards are free some Offers cost a bit… Like ordering coffee… Yes, please.

Unlike Swagbucks, you don’t get paid by completing the offers but from referring others to complete the offers. The higher your level the more you get paid per referral giving you the incentive to keep leveling up so you can earn more.

Do you really get paid from Level Rewards? How do I get paid from Level Rewards?

Yes they have a payment proof Facebook Group but all of the payment proof is on the Level Rewards end which for people like me is not enough proof to judge if it is legitimate. I needed to see that payment really goes into your PayPal, Amazon gift cards, etc. With a little work I was able to get proof of payouts to PayPal.

Is Level Rewards a Scam?

How do I level up in Level Rewards

Leveling up in Level Rewards is easy. Simply complete offers to bring your level up. I suggest starting with free offers and using payouts from referrals to pay for offers that cost money rather than diving in and leveling up with the last few dollars in your account like I have seen som do.  It is easy to feel like something is a scam when you pay every dime you have and fail to get anyone to sign up.

How do I get paid from Level Rewards?

You get paid by referring others to Level Rewards as they level up. to request payment click the order you would like payment from and confirm your information. It is that easy.

Earn money from home or on the go with Level Rewards

How do I get people to join Level Rewards under me?


Be honest when telling people about Level Rewards. Explain how it works and how you earn money. Share your success with screen shots of payouts that made it into your account. Share pics of cools stuff you grabbed from the offers that come in the mail.

Will Level Rewards Last?

I honestly do not think so. I think Level Rewards is over paying which will lead to it crashing. In the mean time take advantage of this operativity to pay down some debt or invest in yourself so you are better off then you were before when Level Rewards does shut down.

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