Pirate Treasure Hunt – M is for Map – Literacy and Play

Pirates are popular around here. My children loved the Alphabet Island theme because of the fun pirate integrations. My son was having a ball because it lined up with the new Pirates of the Caribbean. Port Side Pirates arrived from Barefoot Books, Honestly despite not haveing much time and energy for school the children are having a great time this summer learning and growing even if “it doesn’t look like school.” Sometimes kids flourish more this way.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Play

M is for Map

One thing I have learned over the years is making learning the alphabet fun makes things so much better. Mother Goose Time sent this Treasure Map craft that really got the kids excited. To help drill in the letter I have the kids go on a treasure hunt for the letter M and things that start with M while carrying their new maps. The book Mother Goose Time sent Ahoy! ABCs included a map page. (Buy the June Mother Goose Time box to get this book)

Pirate Treasure Hunt Play

Treasure Map DIY

I am not sure what it is about pirate maps but kids just love them. They often take paper and pretend they have a treasure map so when I told them we would be making our own treasure maps with Mother Goose Time they were all for it and it kept them busy on a rainy day inside. They even pulled out leftover pieces that survived play time from their make and play pirate sets.

These were easy to make. All you need is some brown shipping paper from your last Amazon delivery (You knew you saved that for a reason. Make it even more wrinkled, and have your little ones draw their own map.

Pirate Treasure Hunt - M is for Map - Literacy and Play

Once maps were in hand it was time for a pirate treasure hunt. Mother Goose Time included a paper treasure chest and jewels that the children took turns hiding and hunting for. I had my son who needs the most work on his writing put an M on each jewel.

Why books enhance play time.

Reading and play go so well together. Children make connections everywhere with those sharp young minds. By mixing play and literacy together the children really want to dive into books and find them exciting as they grow. For some pirate, fun check out these great books.

Port Side Pirates is a fun sing-along book that got all of the kids excited and even the baby loves it though you may get “Oh we go this way, that way, port side, starboard, over the deep blue sea” stuck in your head. Check out the video included with the book.

The Barefoot Book of Pirates is packed with 7 amazing pirate tales your young reader is bound to fall in love with and a CD perfect for your listening center.

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