Christmas Money Saving Tips

When you have a large family you really have to look for ways to make things more affordable. Christmas can get expensive but I have learned a few Christmas money-saving tips that help me get the most for our budget. You don’t need to have a large family to benefit from these simple tips to save money on Christmas.

Start shopping early. We started very early this year. Started filling an amazon box int he closet with goodies in July when we found sales. This let me take advantage of clearance, sales, and Amazon coupon codes to help build a nice stock of Christmas gifts for a fraction fo the price and spread the overall cost of those gifts out over a 5-6 month period. Even if you haven’t started yet you can dive in now and make the most of the deals left before the sales die out for the year.

Take advantage of stores clearance sections. This is a great way to save money on everything from clothes to toys and even pantry goods for your stockpile. I love shopping clearance year-round for my family and often check the instore clearance sections. One thing I have learned is to also check online clearance sales and take advantage of free shipping to get the most for my money.

Choose a truly meaningful gift in place of multiple gifts. Many families see the number of gifts as important but most people would rather have one thing then really wanted than a dozen things they were not interested in.

Make gifts yourself. It is easy to make something that your loved ones will love. Use your crafting skills to make a memorable keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Give useful gifts and keep them limited. Rather than going crazy for your kids, choose something fun and fill in gaps with things your child needs like clothes, shoes, and books. Remember that gifts can be practical and still be a great gift.

Make the most of stocking stuffers. Frugal stocking stuffers can be both fun and useful. During the back to school sales stock up on extra school supplies, add things your child loses and always needs more of like hair ties, and take advantage of some of these frugal stocking stuffer ideas.

Save on more than gifts

Chrismas money saving tips you don't want to miss

Look for ways to earn a little extra money. The holidays can be expensive but if you are crafty, have a skill others do not or are willing to do manual labor most people do not want to you can usually find some ways to make a little extra money on the side. Using rewards sites like Swagbucks is a great way to earn gift cards and payments to PayPal for online shopping is a great way to save money on Christmas.

Turn on the charm and have fun with Christmas decorations. You do not need to invest a lot to have something special for your family to enjoy decking the halls. These tricks to save on Christmas decorations will help you get started and have fun with holiday decorations without breaking the bank.

Don’t spend more than you need to on dinner. Holiday dinners can be a big drain on your Christmas budget. With a little work and planning, you can cut this expense a lot allowing you room in your budget for other things.

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  • Shop for ingredients in the weeks before the holiday to take advantage of all of the sales.
  • Ask guests to bring a dish or drinks
  • Make things for the meal from scratch.

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