Cinnamon Butter Recipe: Texas Roadhouse Copy Cat

Fall is the perfect time to pull out the cinnamon. If you are a fan of the cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse you will love this homemade copy cat version. I love to use this on pancakes, Belgium waffles, biscuits, and sweet potatoes. This is a fun and simple DIY that can add a bit of fun to meals adding an impressive touch when you have guests over.

Making your own cinnamon butter is super easy and can be done with a few simple ingredients you already have in your house.  For this one you can add just the amount of cinnamon, sugar, and honey to fit your needs or even skip the sugar and add a bit more honey for a healthier option.

How to Make Cinnamon Butter

  • ½ Cup salted butter
  • 2 Tbsp honey
  • 1 Tbsp brown sugar
  • 1.5 tsp cinnamon


In a small bowl, use a hand mixer to cream softened butter until light and fluffy.  

Add remaining ingredients and mix until well blended.

After you have made your butter you can form it to fit your needs. To create a roll to easily cut slices, scoop butter onto a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper (about 10×10 inches).  Roll up into a log shape and twist the ends. Chill in the refrigerator for about 20 min until butter firms up.

For a spreadable butter you can place your sweet cinnamon butter in a small bowl kept at room temperature. Be sure to use an airtight container to prevent ants from finding it. The sugar and fat will make it very appealing to insects. Kept at room temperature this butter is spreadable and ready to spread on warm dinner rolls right out of the oven.

For a fun twist form into shapes by pressing into silicone molds and chilling until solid. These make a great decoration for holiday meals.

How to make Cinnamon Butter

Want to spice things up a bit more?

Cinnamon butter can be made into any spiced butter flavor. Sweet and spice goes together so well for fall and winter. Great options include using Pumpkin Pike Spice. This is a great way to ad fun fall spice flavor to pretty much anything you want.

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