How To Comfort A Sick Baby

I hate when one of the children gets sick. When the babies get sick it is even worse. Little ones can feel sick but, there is not much you can give an infant when they are sick. The only option is to help your little one through illness with plenty of comforting for your sick baby. It’s cold and flu season and even if you do everything in your power to keep your little one from getting sick it can still happen. Here are some great tips for comforting a sick baby.

How To Comfort A Sick Baby

 How to comfort a sick baby.

Control fevers. Don’t get me wrong I know a fever helps your baby fight off viruses. Sometimes you have no choice but, to help control the fever so your child can sleep and heal.  A cool cloth is a great way to cool a fever. IfF a cool cloth does not work give your pediatrician a call to see what they recommend for the fever. DO NOT give your infant aspirin.

Prevent Dehydration in your sick baby. Dehydration can leave your baby weak and feeling worse than ever. You should never give a young infant water extra nursing or formula that will help prevent dehydration.   If your baby starts to have less wet diapers than normal give your doctor a quick call. For older babies, they will often recommend Pedialyte.

Shower your baby in love and affection. Lots of cuddles, skin to skin contact and time together will help comfort your sick baby. Holding your baby helps them feel safe and will help them sleep. You can have baby lay on your chest upright to allow drainage of the nose for easy breathing.

Create a good sleeping environment to comfort your sick baby. Create a comfortable dark room where light and excess noise will not keep your baby from sleeping. A white noise machine can help your baby sleep through noises in the home. Using a lavender linen spray can help soothe your little one to sleep without overwhelming with fragrance.

It is always sad when babies are sick. Here is how to How To Comfort A Sick Baby

Treat symptoms.

Some herbs can be used to treat symptoms of cold and flu in infants. For the easiest way to use these herbs opt for easily available products like Zarbies Baby products. While I am not a fan of the changes after the company was bought out the products are still some of the best natural products for comforting a sick baby on the market.

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