What To Consider For Bathroom Renovations

You don’t have to own a royal master ensuite to consider bathroom renovations. Well, you can do it on the smallest powder room so long as it matches whatever you want to see and feel when you walk in. Bright days start with a sunny morning, and so it would help if your bathroom was as bright as you would want it in your dreams.

So, what should you consider when doing bathroom renovations Melbourne? Remember, in anything you consider, the functionality must always come first in place of anything else. On that note, here are some tips to consider when doing bathroom renovations:

Wall-hung toilets

If you are planning to include a toilet, the wall-hung toilet should be the go option for you. Remember, renovating means that you want to be unique and have as much space as possible for creativity. Wall-hung toilets will leave you with much space, that you can even consider installing a bathtub.

High cabinets

You can consider having bathroom cabinets high above head level so that the bathroom can have much space. High cabinets will also stay in good condition for the longest time if you place them away from water’s reach. The cabinets will come in handy if you have a small bathroom area that can’t accommodate a stand-alone cabinet. Moreover, you can use it to store toiletries and personal bathroom effects.


Are you looking forward to having a bathroom window as part of your plan for unique bathroom renovations Melbourne? If not, then you must reconsider it, struck off something on that list, and have a window included. A window will open to fresh air and natural light, which are essential for bathroom hygiene. When choosing windows, you should go for either frosted or translucent materials that will enhance privacy.

Shower or tub?

How many times do you bathe in a year? How many liters do you likely spend on a single bath? Well, these are just some of the questions that should linger around you when choosing between a shower and a tub. While showers may seem to save more water, smaller tubs can equally save on water. Moreover, if you leave the shower running for longer periods, you will still waste water. So, the choice of having a shower or tub is purely aesthetic. Or, you can have both if your bathroom space allows. In as much you’ll need a quick shower in the mornings, your body wouldn’t mind a long tub soak in the evenings.

Drawer storage

Finally, if you have a relatively large bathroom space, then you can consider having storage compartments under sinks. The storage area can come in handy when it comes to handling guests’ towels, sandals, and skincare products that need special storage conditions. For instance, some products will need to be stored in areas inaccessible to light. If that is the case, then it would be best if you went for drawer storage in place of a door. Drawers are way easier to access without creating unnecessary inconveniences. Moreover, they don’t get loose and detach, the way doors behave when the hinges weaken.

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