Coping With Pregnancy Back Pain

I love my children and as much as I hate pregnancy and childbirth I am grateful to have each and every one of them in my life. That includes our stubborn little medical that has already proven that we have a survivor on our hands and I need an extra set of eyes to keep up with this one. Now I am in the third trimester I am experiencing some major aches and pains more related to the baby than the accident from April. The good news is that all of my experience with pregnancy means I am armed with a few tips and tricks for coping with pregnancy back pain.

coping with pregnancy back pain

Tips and tricks for coping with pregnancy back pain.

1. Change how you sleep often

While sleeping positions are limited during pregnancy make a point to change your position each time you wake up for a bathroom break. this will allow your body to not compress the spine in a single position.

2. Pad your bed for comfort

Whether you buy yourself a cushy mattress pad or use comforters and duvets to layer over your mattress you can help ease back and hip pain by keeping your bed soft and cushy. This is much cheaper than replacing your bed when you are looking to save money on the basic expenses of having a baby already.

3. Get plenty of exercise during the day.

Even if it is just finding time to go for a walk. This will help keep the muscles supporting your back stronger so you will feel less pain and can help prepare your body for the labor process.

Even if it is just finding time to go for a walk. This will help keep the muscles supporting your back stronger so you will feel less pain and can help prepare your body for the labor process.

In addition, according to a clinic of varicose veins Dallas, walking can also help pregnant women suffering from varicose veins because it is a low-impact exercise. Unlike other workouts that involve jarring and pounding when exercising, there are no strains with a simple walk because it strengthens calf muscles while being gentle on your joints.

4. Make sure you have a quality chair for work

I work at a desk much of the day. When I am not working at a desk I am often helping the children with school lessons that have me sitting down even more. I have learned the importance of a good chair for helping lesson and even prevent some of the back pain of pregnancy. If you work at a desk invest in a good chair or at least add a cushion and lumbar support pillow to help improve the quality of the chair you already have.

5. Soak in water

From the bathtub to the swimming pool water can help reduce pain levels and when you are pregnant large bodies of water that allow you to float also allow your belly to float suspending your baby and giving your back a much-needed break. That same water trick will help you cope with labor pain.

6. Stay hydrated

It is so easy to become dehydrated when you are pregnant. Sadly even the slightest bit of dehydration can up your overall pain levels. To help cope with back pain in pregnancy and all of those other aches and pains make a point to stay hydrated. If your pain levels feel unusually high try drinking some water to help balance it out.

Staying hydrated helps your body function more efficiently. Drinking water will reduce the frequency and amount of discomfort from varicose veins, while also improving blood circulation in your body. To keep hydrated, drink lots of water every day and try to avoid salty foods as well. 

coping with pregnancy back pain

7. Give your back some support

This is where I love Kinesiology Tape. I use it all over for aches and pains even when I am not pregnant and in pregnancy it becomes my friend allowing me to control back and hip pain, support my belly, and even prevent selling in my legs and feet that is such a common issue in pregnancy. If kinesiology tape is not your thing you can try a pregnancy support belt. Personally, I find them to be a bit too restrictive but many women swear by them.

8. Visit a chiropractor.

These miracle workers of the medical field can help align your back and hips easing pregnancy back pain and aligning the hips helping keep your comfortable. At the end of your pregnancy, they can even help get your baby lined up and ready for an easier birth. Some amazing chiropractors will even come to you or your home for the birth of your baby to help make labor and recovery a breeze..

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