Dad’s Homemade Perogies

I can almost hear dad laughing at me and my tendency to worry about things way before they happen and look for every possible way to blunt the trauma. I always over-prepare for everything and then spend my time grateful that I did. He always rolled his eyes.

Today as I rolled out pierogi dough with the kids I thought of all the times we did this with dad growing up while talking to him. I wish I could go back.

Theseperogis remind me of him. You will notice that the recipe makes a batch much larger than any you will find online. Dad never did anything small and cooked for an army. I myself have a small army so it all works out.

Today I made 5# of onion, garlic, and herb filling that will take me a few days to filly turn into pierogi but my kids had a great time helping fill enough to make dinner.

These are a great idea for our families to help keep everyone fed right now. you can whip these up and store them for quick and easy cooking to feed people for cheap.

Make your own homemade pierogi

Making pierogi can be a bit labor-intensive. If you are making a large batch for storage like we are you can split the task into a couple of days. If you need a small batch split this by three. If you need more like we did triple it.

What you need for pierogi dough

  • 6 large eggs
  • 6 cups flour + a bit for dusting
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1.5 cups water

What you need for onion, garlic, and herb pierogi dough.

The filing for your pierogies can really be made however you want. For me, I opted to use what I had on hand. After all, right now that is all any of us can do now the shelves are bare. Adjust your mashed potatoes to what you like.

:: 5-6 large baking potatoes.

:: 8 oz cream cheese

:: 1 medium onion

:: 2 teaspoons garlic

:: 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning

:: 1 stick butter

:: 1.2 cup milk

For cooking your pierogi you will need:

:: 5-6 quarts water in a large pot

:: 1/4 cup melted butter or cooking oil in a large frying pan

How to make pierogis

Start by peeling potatoes and starting them to boil. I made this easy and popped mine in the Instant Pot to cook while I had the girls help me whip up the first batch of dough.

While your potatoes are cooking beat your eggs and blend all of the dough ingredients together kneading until smooth. Allow to sit while your potatoes cook to help the gluten break down. This will make rolling easier by reducing how much the dough shrinks back down like stretched elastic.

Make your mashed potatoes being careful to get out the lumps and mix the seasoning in well for flavorful pierogis. My dad HATED plain pierogis.

Roll out your dough out to about 1/8th in thick and cut into rounds using the rim of a large glass.

Add a teaspoon of filling.

Pull two sides together and seal around the edges.

Place filled pierogies into a large pot of boiling water for about 2 minutes. Transfer to atray to dry before freezing or over to frying in butter.

When ready to serve your pierogies cook them in a shallow frying pan with 1/4 cup butter or cooking oil if you are trying to save butter for other cooking.

Serve hot. I like to add a sprinkle of salt and fresh ground pepper on top.

I have spent much of the day fielding requests for where to find this or that helping the last stragglers find food. I have been watching my traffic show that many of you are in need of help finding things like formula, diapers, and TP and I hope you all are getting the help you need from these posts. Please know that this will end and everything will be okay.

My husband’s job is still going full force in an effort to take the tops spot as the sates number one furniture store. A lady hugged my husband yesterday. Thankfully I kept him well-stocked in what he needs to kill germs so he didn’t pass anything on to other customers. Please DO NOT hug your delivery people. They do not want to fear spreading your germs to others.

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