Demme Learning’s Math-U-See Review

Demme Learning has added Digital Packs to their homeschool math program and we had the pleasure of trying the Beta Level for our math nut Monkey.Demme Learning Math U See Review

We picked Beta to help her learn to visualize larger numbers and grow in her basic arithmetic skills. All of the children fell in love with the manipulative that came with Demme Learning Math-U-See. I can place them out and the children will play for hours.  Just as I had hoped Math-U-See helped my oldest really see the larger numbers.  She loved getting hands on with the blocks.

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Things got really cool when I finally found my way around the Digital Pack to find the digital manipulative… The digital manipulatives where a game changer for my kids. While we are only using the program with Monkey all of the kids just love the digital manipulatives.

Technology is always growing and we have to embrace it. I am so excited to see classic homeschool programs embracing and encouraging technology in the classroom…errrr living room, car, line at the supermarket? The digital manipulatives work anywhere you have internet access. Nothing like the faces you get as your checking out at the grocery store and someone asks your child why they are not at school and they reply “I am.” in such a matter of fact tone the nosy body has no reply.

Demme Learning Math U See Review
To get to the digital manipulatives you need to visit the Math-U-See Store and sign in. Click digital packs and pick the level your child is using. The digital manipulatives will be the bold “Digital Manipulatives” on the right side. While it looks like a header it is the link to the actual manipulitives. When it loads you are ready to have fun.

More learning in the Demme Learning Digital Packs

Inside the digital packs you will see a drop down menu for each lesson you will find the video lesson great for on the go learning. You will also have access to the lesson summary and answer sheets for the lessons and tests. Spend some time looking around and you will find online drill practice, printable worksheets, and a record keeper to make tracking your child’s progress a breeze.

Get into Math with Demme Learning and Music

One thing that is great about the digital packs is that you can download the Skip Counting songs and song book and use music to help your auditory learner pick up tricky skip counting. I love how they offer biblical based songs as well as science and literature based to give you options that will fit est for your family.

We love letting the music play for the kids. While the older two have picked up a lot of it even the toddlers are learning. I really wish the skip counting track was split into multiple tracks so we could skip between them as if we purchased the CD set. MP3s really have taken the place of CD players and would be better for the oldest to enjoy without her siblings singing over the music.

If you like Math U See you will love the new Digital Packs.

Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review

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