What Fathers Should Teach Sons

Fathers leave a lasting impression on their sons. The example a father sets for his son shapes the man he will become. I never really thought about these things until we had our son. As I watched him follow his father around coping his father him step for step in his little matching Metallica t-shirts and trying to walk in daddies Army boots did I realize how much my husband was effecting the man our son will one day become. It’s been a few years now and our son picks things up every day.

You are your sons first super hero. You only get one chance and here are a few things you should remember to teach your son.

He talks about how he wants to grow up and be like daddy. How he doesn’t have to clean because “daddy doesn’t clean.” No matter how hard I try I will never change the effect my husband has on our son. I pray every day that my husband will see this and realize what really matters. That it wont be too late.

I can’t help but, wonder if maybe his issue is the fact he grew up without a father figure regularly in his life. Being raised by a group of fatherless women raised during the women’s rights movement no one was around to teach my husband the basics of how to be a man. Sons NEED fathers so pass this along to your husband. A father is his sons first super hero!

Fathers should teach their sons self-love. The world is harsh and they will be torn down. By building a sense of self-worth in your son he will gain the confidence he needs to move past the negative and strive to be everything he wants to be. Build up your son now to give him the best chance in the future.

He will always look up to you. Here are a few things you should teach him.

Respect for women. It is so important to teach your son respect for women. Men need to understand the importance of treating women well. Set an example for your son by treating women, expectantly their mother with respect. Teach your son manors, teach him kindness and how to talk to and about a woman with respect. DO NOT allow your son to call woman bad names or hurt them. Boys will be boys is NOT an excuse. Watch the way you treat your wife in front of your son. Don’t let him see you treat a woman any less than you would expect a man to treat your daughter.

Teach your son hygiene. Teen boys are well gross. Taking the time to teach your son basic hygiene early is the key to keeping everything going smoothly into the teen years. Spend time with your son picking out hygiene products, teach him to shave. Alex toys has a cute shaving play set to make morning with your son fun while he is little. Ask your wife to get a photo because this is a memory you will want to save.

Teach your son to be a good sport. Sportsmanship is so important for kids to learn. This is very important for fathers to teach their sons. Make sports and games fun. Focus on the good and make sure your child feels just as great when they lose as when they score the winning goal because fun and growth is the important part.

Help your son build a strong worth ethic for future success. Demonstrate a strong work ethic in your everyday life. Set an example for your son that he will never forget. Spend time on projects with your son for him to learn first hand how to work hard and reach for goals.

Fathers are sons first super heroes. What you do now will effect the for a life time. You only get one chance to do this parenting thing right. Here are a few things dads should be teaching their sons.

Teach your son handyman and mechanic skills and teach him to step up and use them. Your child needs to learn how to keep things going when things go wrong. Even the most intellectual of career men should know to fix a leak and change a tire. You never know when these skills will be needed and he will be glad you taught him when time comes. Start young with kids tools.

Teach your son survival skills. Everyone should know basic survival skills and teaching your child is a great way to find quality bonding time with him. Go on camping trips. Learn to build a fire and fish for dinner. Enjoy your time together while you leave your son with valuable skills because you never know what the future will hold.

Don’t forget the basics. I get it I really do. Times have changed, but no matter how you feel about the subject you need to take the time to teach your son the basics. Teach him to open doors for ladies, offer to carry that bag, to take his hat off in church, and even tie that tie because one day there will be a girl he will want to impress.

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