Detroit Autorama

You can’t really live in The Motor City without seeing some amazing cars. Now winter is coming to a close the last of the big indoor shows are starting to roll through. My husband and son took off to The Detroit Autorama that totes itself as America’s Greatest Hot Rod show. For my son and mechanic husband, it is just a great way to spend a day together while us girls have some girl time.

Detroit Autorama

My husband loves going to this show every year and hanging out downtown. While it is chilly out today the guys left in good spirits ready for some fun. Features for today’s show include the hot rods from The Fait or the Furious and celebrity guest Dale Earnhadt Jr which has my son excited.

The Detroit Autorama took off with a bang this year and has everyone excited for the fun. Me personally I am looking forward to the Woodward Dream Cruise this summer. From my sons favorite monster trucks to motorcycles that my husband can’t get enough of, wrestlers, and race cars Detroit’s Autorama has a bit of everything this year.

Abe Lincon at Autorama

Here in Detroit you never know who you will find. Turns out Abe Lincon himself was enjoying the hot rods today… Ok, not Abe but her sure looks similar huh?

When they made it around to the exhibit from Oakland University the subject of homeschooling came up and as usual, my husband was all too happy to talk about homeschooling and its virtues. I would love to see the school open up more possibilities for homeschoolers much like Baker has with the running start program.

Autorama motorcycles

Autorama is a unique indoor car show where car owners can show off their hard work during the long cold winter. We love that it is mostly real people sharing their love of cars, trucks, and motorcycles in true motor city fashion.

For more Car Show fun check out the Annual North American International Auto Show for plenty of fun.

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