Space Themed Recourses for Teaching your Kids

The Theme for March with Mother Goose Time is Blast off to Space. Needless to say, this is a theme the kids love and so do I. Their are endless field trips, crafts, recourses, books, and fun things to try that go with this unit. I could not be happier. I may have gotten a little overboard on this one.

Space themed books for kids

Space books

We pulled out our textbook from Exploring Creation with Astronomy. This is the second run through with the older kids so we are just using it as a reference source.

A while back I scored a bunch of Discovery Kids encyclopedias at Aldi. I Made a cozy place for the kids to relax and enjoy looking through The Universe whenever they need a bit of quiet time to themselves. The photos alone fascinate the younger children and the big kids love sitting and reading them as well.

As always Mother Goose Time send us a preschool book to fit the month’s theme. Up in the Stars, a Counting Book is not available for sale right now but you can get your copy in the March Blast off to Space box.

I took the Moon for a Walk is a fun and light-hearted story about a boys evening where he imagins spending it with the moon. We love the quality of Barefoot Books.

Kids love Cat in the Hat books and the book There’s no Place like Space a Book about our Solar System is perfect for giving kids a fun tour of the solar system.

A Zoo in the Sky is a beautifully illustrated book about the stars in the sky and the animal pictures they make.


Fun Space Manipulatives and activities

Sums in Space math game

This theme is packed with great things we can enjoy. Mother Goose Time sent glow in the dark stars to use as manipulatives and transparent pattern blocks.

I Sums in Space a math game off Amazon. This game covers addition, subtraction, evens, and odds in a fun way that makes practicing math facts a lot more fun than sitting around with worksheets all day.

I snagged us a water bottle rocket kit. Sadly we can’t use it until things warm up a bit but we look forward to pulling it out.

I grabbed these glow in the dark planets for the kids. We hung them up as a decoration but later in the month when we do a solar system sensory bin, I plan on moving them down to play with.


Fun stuff to add to your space theme.

If you are looking for more fun stuff to add to your Space theme I suggest a field trip to the local planetarium and a fun treat of astronaut ice cream.

If you are looking for more space homeschool resources check out Memoria Press Astronomy and our Space Unit study and this simple space sensory bin.

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