Eco-Friendly Changes To Your Laundry Routine

Are you looking to make some changes to make your home cleaning routines to help reduce your family’s chemical exposure, help save the environment, and even some money along the way?

Your laundry routine is a great way to do this. The average laundry routine uses a lot of power, water, and harmful chemicals making this a great place to start on your eco-friendly sustainable cleaning journey.

How the average laundry routine is bad for the environment

The average laundry routine can have a negative impact on the environment in several ways.

Washing and drying clothes requires a lot of water and energy, which can contribute to the depletion of natural resources and increase carbon emissions.

Conventional laundry detergents often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment when they end up in the water supply.

Another issue is that many people use single-use dryer sheets that contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals that can be harmful to the environment when disposed of.

The average laundry routine can be harmful to the environment, but there are many eco-friendly laundry solutions that can help reduce the environmental impact and create a more sustainable home.

Simple Eco-friendly laundry changes you can make.

These simple options can help reduce your impact on the environment and save you money. Test out and see what works for your family to help make sustainable changes.

Swap your laundry detergent.

One of the easiest things you can do to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly is to swap out your current laundry detergent for a natural alternative. You can make your own natural laundry detergent or use soap nuts or ivy leaves for a natural cleaning option.

Make your own laundry detergent.

Making your own laundry detergent is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of laundry. It is better for the environment as you reduce plastic usage and stop chemicals from ending up in the water. It is also better for your skin as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

Use soap nuts.

Soap nuts are a great eco-friendly option for laundry detergent. They are actually dried fruit shells from the Sapindus mukorossi tree and contain a natural soap called saponin which can be used to clean clothes. You can reuse soap nuts for up to 4-5 loads of laundry.

Use ivy leaves for laundry detergent.

Ivy leaves contain saponins which have natural cleaning properties. You can make ivy leaf laundry detergent by boiling ivy leaves in water and adding baking soda. Ivy is easy to grow in your own backyard and can be a great way to build a sustainable home.

Make natural dryer sheets.

Instead of using dryer sheets from the store that can be harmful to the environment, try making your own natural version. Soak some cotton cloths or squares in white vinegar and add a few drops of essential oils for a fresh scent. A great option for this is cut-up old t-shirts.

Use dryer balls.

Dryer balls made from wool can help fluff and soften your clothes while reducing static and drying time. You can add a few drops of essential oils to the dryer balls for a fresh scent. Wool dryer balls are my favorite option for over the winter when using the dryer is much easier than trying to use a laundry line.

Next winter we plan to have our electric dryer vent out into a greenhouse on our back porch to help make the most of that energy usage.

Use a laundry line.

Using a laundry line is one of the best ways to reduce the environmental impact of laundry. It saves energy and prolongs the life of your clothes. Line-drying is also eco-friendly and can make your clothes smell fresh and clean.

Use cold water

Changing your washer setting to use cold water is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. The good news is that most modern detergents and even some natural options can work even in cold water.

Reduce the water you use

If you can adjust the water level in your washer set it to auto-detection so you never overfill your washer when you are doing a smaller load wasting water. If you are using a natural option for laundry detergent you can even divert your washer drain out to your garden with a grey water system.

Not only are these amazing ways to help make your laundry routine eco-friendly but they can help you save money on your laundry costs.

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