Urban Homesteading: 5 Steps To Get Started

As the world goes crazy many of us are looking for simple and effective ways to lower the cost of everyday living and help make our families and homes more sustainable. Homesteading is a great way to do this but when you live in the city it can be a bit of a challenge to look past that I can’t homestead without loan mentality and dive right in.

Today I want to talk to you about 5 simple things you can do to start homesteading in the city. These small things can make a big impact and are perfect for urban homesteading.

Raise Chickens

Urban chicken raising is gaining major popularity and is becoming legal in more and more cities around the country as the economy continues to struggle.

For us, we were able to get 8 hens for our little homestead in the city. Raising back yard chickens can be done for meat or eggs. We prefer to raise them for eggs and we treat our chickens like we do the rest of our pets but many families have great success raising meat chickens as well.

Start a garden

Urban gardening is legal in nearly everywhere. You can grow your own food even if only in pots on your patio or even a kitchen window garden.

Gardening can start as small as a few pots in your kitchen window or as big as a large plot in your yard. We usually do a couple of square foot garden beds but this year we are digging up and adding several beds to extend our home garden.

While this is a lot of work the more we can grow ourselves the less we have to spend money on at the store.

Start canning at home

Canning food at home is a lot of fun and allows us to stock a lot of amazing food for our family that we get on sale to stock for next to nothing. When we get a large crop from the garden or find an amazing deal at fruit market I save this food through canning to help ensure that we don’t have to worry as the costs of things keep going up.

Dehydrate your own food

Dehydrating food like canning is another great food preservation skill that can help make the most of the space you have to buy your food when it costs less. When we find a major abundance of things that we like dehydrated on clearance or on sale I like to stock a bunch of it to have on hand for when prices go way up over the winter.

Learn how to make and repair things yourself

When people think about homesteading they think about growing food or raising animals but the truth is homesteading is all about self sufficiency. Taking the time to learn how to do things for yourself from changing your opil to learning how to build things you need with ingenuity is one of the best things you can learn for homesteadign where ever you are.

Take the time to work on these 5 simple homesteading skills where ever you are in life now and you will see that your life gets closer and closer to the life you have always dreamed of.

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