Why Every Child NEEDS to Get Dirty

Odds are when you think back to your childhood memories you remember being covered from head to toe in dirt, or to your mother’s dismay, mud. Clear memories of staying out until the street lights came on getting into every sticky, gooey and surprisingly satisfying situation you could find. And then you think about your kids. The day and age where you have to worry if the neighbors will call CPS because your kids are dirty or you turned your head to do something. We are now part of the helicopter parenting age and our kids are suffering.

You can always clean them up but you can't make up for missed opportunities. Life is short. Play in the MUD.

You see those moments of romping through mud puddles are good for kids. While playing in the mud kids are learning to explore their environment. They are having multisensory exploration and growing as they learn about the world around them.

Sure you could set up a sensory bin. Park them at the dining room table with a batch of easy to clean materials. No judgment here I do it too. In fact, we love our easy to clean sensory bins. We adore our Homemade seasonal sensory materials.  Live for creative ways to use everyday things for sensory play. That said nothing could change the way my heart leaped. They squealed when I announced to the kids that I found a HUGE puddle and I wanted them to go play in it.

You kid needs to spend more time in the mud. This is why.

Ok so that may have not been the right idea. You see I forgot to consider how my three-year-old was dressed that day. You see not only do I encourage them to play in the mud, I also let them dress themselves, unless we are going somewhere… and even then sometimes I just let them… So if you see us out and they are totally mix matched just smile. It’s ok to pretend you don’t know us. I am happy to announce both her baby sisters Christmas dress and her white skirt came clean with the power of shaving cream of all things…

Why dirt is so important.

So if you stuck with me to here I should tell you why the dirt is so important. Two words “immune Systems.” Science has discovered that the microorganisms found less than sanitary conditions help children build a stronger immune system. places like mud puddles, farms, and homes with animals are great for building your child’s immune system So next time they want to play in the mud say yes. Because it’s good for them.

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