Exploring The Eastern Market – Detroit MI

We are taking a bit more time now it’s cooling down to explore the Detroit Area. The October theme for Monther Goose Time is down on the Farm. We skipped to the last day of the month and took off on a field trip. If we had to wait to do the days in order it would have been too cold for the youngest kids to enjoy the farmers market. Our local Farmers Market is pretty cool. Eastern market is one of the oldest and largest farmers markets in the country. In fact, the whole neighborhood becomes a farmers market as it spills over into the streets.

Eastern Market Detroit MI

Explore the Eastern Market with us

Eastern Market consists of multiple sheds in which stand after stand sets up, streets leading to the market fill will vendors, local shops set up displays to entice customers in. Artists fill walls with amazing murals bringing life to a City once thought to be dieing. Detroit is coming back and  Eastern Market is doing it’s part in keeping the city alive and helping rebuild.

Eastern Market Detroit MI

Inside the Eastern Market, we found some great deals on produce for the week. Ok, who are we kidding a good stack never made it out of the market. That was my fault, though. I learned quickly that you should walk the market before shopping if you have kids with you. They just can’t help raiding the food in the wagon as we stroll.

Chocolate Eastern Market Detroit MI

We met a kind man from Mindo Chocolate. He was giving out samples of a sweet organic dark chocolate. I noticed the Cocoa beans in his display. Despite loving chocolate as much as I love coffee I had never had the privilege to see fresh beans in person. I made sure to point them out to the children. What an amazing opportunity. The man gave us one of the cocoa beans and well now I see a fun science experiment in our near future. Doing a little social media stalking I may have to plan a tour field trip to the factory because well #Chocolate.

Raw Detroit honey Eastern Market Detroit MI

Another stand that caught our interest was a local honey stand. They can some pretty cool candles and such made from beeswax. The kids explored the textures and the vendor told them to take a moment to smell it. We walked away with a raw honey so local it is produced in our own neighborhood. Some of the bees driving us nuts out front probably helped make it. And the kids wonder why I won’t let anyone kill the bees. No bees, no food, no life. I grabbed a jar to try. It tastes like grass… Yep describes the areas plant production alright.

The kids had fun despite the cooling temperatures.

Eastern Market Detroit MI

There was plenty to catch Monkeys attention. She is always so curious and loves visiting places like the Farmers Market. We haven’t been to once since we left Florida so she was so happy to explore. Little man was more into helping me shop for all of his favorite treats. He just loves helping shop. That night he informed me that I had upset him by paying for everything. He wanted to help with his money. I felt so bad. He has such a sweet heart. I think our next trip I will leave him in charge of the money and let him handle the transactions. Where did my baby go?

Explore the Eastern Market in Detroit MI


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  • Melissa says:

    Looks like such a fun outing with lots of yummy treats and sights to take in! I love taking my kids to the market and just exploring!

  • Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    Wow what a fun experience for your kids! I love farmers markets and supporting local farmers. The produce is fresher and it’s great to support the local community. I’d never seen cocoa beans either.

  • Kelly Hutchinson says:

    I miss having a nice farmer’s market. When we lived in Atlanta, we went to the huge market every weekend.

  • Meagan says:

    I love going to fun markets! Looks like such delicious and fresh produce!

  • Kathy says:

    That looks like a great market. I love going to markets. They always have such great food!

  • Shauna says:

    There is nothing like fresh veggies and fresh honey is even cooler. I have heard that having local honey can help with allergies, so it is awesome that you found some. Sounds like a great market

  • Robin Rue says:

    I love to go to markets like this. So much to explore and to get that you couldn’t anywhere else.

  • Reesa Lewandowski says:

    They have such a great selection there. My market is okay here but this one looks like it has so much more variety.

  • Nancy at Whispered Inspirations says:

    I will have to make sure I visit. I am not too far from here and we love Michigan. Thanks!

  • Kasandria Reasoner says:

    I adore going to local markets! It helps the community and you always get the freshest produce and vegetables.

  • Pam Wattenbarger says:

    We always love visiting farmer’s markets. This one sounds like a really great one. Love the chocolate stand.

  • Lisa Bristol says:

    We have a fantastic local Farmers Market. We go every week to stock up on delicious fresh food for the week.

  • Elizabeth Lampman says:

    Local Farmers Markets are a great way to support your community. You never know what treasure you might find at ours.

  • gingermommyrants says:

    I think it is fun to shop at Farmers Markets. When we travel we always check out the local Farmers Market.

  • Dawn McAlexander says:

    I love markets like this. We have a couple near our home. I haven’t got to go to one of them in a while. I need to head over to one of them. You have made me want to go visit them.

  • Janeane Davis says:

    I enjoyed looking at this area through your photos and words. I would like to check this area out for myself.

  • Claudia Krusch says:

    We love going to local markets! We just went this past weekend! It helps the community and you always get the fresh produce!

  • Alicia says:

    I love going to Farmer’s Markets! That one looks even better than our local ones!

  • Brett Beyer says:

    Ohmigosh, I LOVE those markets! It’s like a farmer’s market year-round! OK, I’m dropping a travel fact, here (kind of like dropping a name), but I spent time in Hungary in the 90’s, and I loved going to this kind of market all the time, and it was awesome!

  • kristin says:

    We lived in Portland and used to go to a lot of framers markets. This looks especially nice!

  • Liz Mays says:

    You can find the best things at places like that. I love hearing that Detroit is coming back too.

  • Krista says:

    We have 3 really great Farmer’s Markets where I live. I love going and knowing that I am purchasing fresh and local!