Disney’s Frozen Inspired Elsa’s Snow Queen Sugar Scrub DIY Gift

Perfect DIY for the little girl on your list.

Who has a little girl that does not LOVE the movie Frozen? Yeah, I haven’t met anyone yet. While sitting and thinking up homemade gifts I could make my girls I thought of this snowy sugar scrub perfect for icy Queen Elsa. So I gave it a try. The snowy texture and appearance is bound to mystify your little one. The cooling peppermint extract takes it to a whole new level.

What you need to make Elsa’s Snow Queen Sugar Scrub:

How to make and decorate Snow Queen Sugar Scrub:

Frozen inspired sugar scrub for the little girls on your list.

Mix all ingredients together to make this fun holiday treat. Watch out for creating children out to eat this body scrub that tastes just like CANDY.

To decorate simply cut and stagger two squares of tulle over the top of the list. Add more layers for a fuller look and secure with the rings.

This DIY makes a great gift for little girls for Disney enthusiasts. Pair with a copy of the movie and you have the perfect pampering gift. Little girls would love an Elsa costume and you have enough time to grab them clearance after Halloween.

*We use Extract instead of essential oil for this one to eliminate issues with peppermint oil touching sensitive areas of a child or leading to breathing issues in young sensitive lungs. Oil does not mix in water so this is a better option for young kids. You can choose to use peppermint essential oil for adults to help ease muscle aches.

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