Fall is rolling in and the temperatures will soon begin to drop. This year we are expecting a major bumper crop of apples thanks to all of the rain that devastated so many other crops. This means apples will be cheap and a great way to save money feeding your family on a budget. Though after a while munching apples can get a little boring. These recipes will help you find uses for all of those great apples.

Here are some of our favorite Fall Apple Recipes.

These Apple Pie Dippers are an amazing way to use up leftover pie crust to feed your family a fun desert without much extra work. I whip these up with the leftover crust and cook right alongside the main pie. They store well for later and make a great snack.

I love oatmeal and this Apple Pie Oatmeal is easy to make and packed with flavor. This one is a hit with the whole family and is great for filling tummies on a cool fall day.

I once needed a quick and easy dessert that didn’t require running the oven during a heat wave. This Caramel Apple Cheesecake had me covered. I suggest if making it during a heat wave that you store it in the freezer.

These easy caramel apple bites are yummy and perfect for munching.

This easy Caramel Apple Bites recipe is a fun treat that takes on an edible cookie dough texture perfect for munching.

I love apple butter but when I found myself with an abundance of peaches too I decided to experiment a bit and ended up with this Sweet Southern Peach Apple Butter.

I am not a fan of pork chops so when we find them on sale I have to get creative with them to take advantage of a good deal. One recipe I created that my family loved was this Apple Bacon Pork Chop Recipe.

Perfect recipie for the person that hates sauerkraut

I must confess my best friend really created this original Sweet Sausage Sourkrout. She has such a gift for cooking. Who would have thought to use apples for this recipe?

Homemade Apple Cider Syrup

We love using simple homemade syrups. This apple cider syrup is perfect for adding fall flavor to anything.

When you make these apple dishes you may find yourself with an abundance of apple scraps. Don’t toss them out. Instead, make this Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar.

Cinnamon Baked Apples

In the fall I love to make these Cinnamon Baked Apples that leave my whole house smelling AMAZING!