Simple Tips For Fall Camping

My first camping trip with was with my husband and his uncle when we where teenagers. I had never gone camping before and I had been invited to join them for a blacksmithing event up north back in our apprentice days. The entire experience was one disaster after another and I had been totally and completely unprepared yet somehow I look back on the weekend with fond memories… and a few tips for fall camping to help you avoid the pitfalls that made the weekend so rough.

Planning a fall camping trip? You don't wanna miss these helpful hints.

Simple Fall Camping Tips

Waterproof your tent

Fall camping can get cold and wet. While many tents claim to be waterproof or to have a waterproof fly you do not want to find out the hard way that you need more protection. Bring several tarps with you on your fall camping trip. Place one tarp under your tent to protect you from the cold wet ground.

Place a tarp inside your tent creating a basin that goes up around the inside walls at least 3-4 inches. This will protect you from water that pools on the first tarp.

And use another tarp to create a cover with a bit of an awning over your tent. This will give you some protection from rain coming down and from getting into your tent when you unzip it to get in and out.

Be extra prepared for the fall bugs

As the summer comes to a close insects are out finishing off their active season. This means mosquitoes are out in full force on cool crips mornings and late into the evening when you are gathered around the campfire. Place a bar of Zote soap in your tent to make it unwelcoming it insects so they do not wander in. Use a good bus spray or make your own bug spray to protect you as you hike through the woods.

Be prepared for the cold

Many first-time fall campers are caught off guard by the cold nights. In the fall days can often be as hot as summer but nights cold down drastically and quickly. Dress in layers and plan to put on extra layers at night to keep warm.

Opt to pack cold-weather sleeping gear. Look for a quality fall camping blanket with this guide from Globo Surf.  It is so easy to think you should pack summer gear but it is easier to take layers off then it is to acquire more layers should you get cold at night. Come prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

Warm-up with food.

Starting the day off cold can put a damper on even the best camping trips. To help make the most of your camping trip prepare to start your day with a nice hot breakfast. From eggs and bacon to oatmeal nearly anything can be cooked over an open fire with nice cast iron pans.

Hot coffee or tea is great for warming up on a cold fall morning. you can plan ahead to enjoy moon milk or turmeric milk in the evenings to help you relax and fight off aches and pains from the approaching cold air while helping you start out the night nice and warm.

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What are your best fall camping tips?

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