Finding and Embracing Your Preschooler’s Learning Style

 We embrace learning styles to give our kids the best possible education.

Everyone is different and everyone learns differently. Some a bit more differently than others and sometimes it’s a bit hard to understand. Most of us grew up in the public school system where everyone receives the same lessons the same way, sitting at identical little desks. Individual learning styles were null in void. As a parent, you can give your child an advantage by finding and embracing your preschooler’s learning style.

Are you concered about your childs querks?

Give everything a try to see what your child responds too. Does your child learn through art? Hands on with manipulative? Video or lectures?

How do we embrace learning styles?

Monkey learns very well hands on. We turn nearly everything from math to spelling into games and you know what? She THRIVES this way. We embrace her uniqueness and work hard to give her as much learning in her style as we can.

Mr. Turtle he hates anything that involves a pen, pencil, or crayon. You would think you were trying to kill him when you ask him to color something. And that’s ok. We work with his interests. He will paint or decorate with frosting all day if we let him. Playing to his strength meant we could teach him how to write his letters without tears.

find how your child learns best

The babies are still young and we are still working to find our current preschooler’s learning styles. We know the work put into it will pay off after seeing the results with the older children. We are blessed that Mother Goose Time allows us to try a large verity of things with the kids customizing the older kids education with fun projects every day.  Crafts, Music, books, dance classes, bible study, new manipulatives, and so much more.

Some kids like Monkey have a really unique learning style. If your child memorizes things doing head stands (yep we are so doing that here) they go with the flow, embrace the fidgety coping mechanisms then go with it. Find Joy in your homeschooling even if that means doing things a little crazy.

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  • Aimee says:

    I agree with you. I think that finding your child’s learning style is very important. It can help a lot when they go to school (or if you’re homeschooling for that matter) so you can adjust the way you help him/her learn. Just makes things a lot less stressful.