6 Things I Hate About Breastfeeding

Sometimes breastfeeding is not all that fun, but it is worth it.Don’t get me wrong I am all for breastfeeding.  My first I exclusively pumped for 3 months (In High School) before I gave up.  My 2nd I nursed for 19 months and my 3rd for 20 months (that cutie in the pic above) and now I am 5 months into nursing baby number 3 and updating this pretty old post.  I won’t lie I have not always loved it.  Here are a few things I hate about breastfeeding.

1) Leaky boobs.  This round I have an oversupply issue.  In the mornings when baby sleeps for a few hours we wake up both soaked in milk.  Yes breast pads and all.  This one duct on the right side can leak an entire ounce in one feeding on the other side.  No idea where all that milk comes from.  Baby so much as smiles and milk lets down it’s out of control.

2) Uneven breasts.  No matter how much I focus on using the smaller side they have no intentions of evening out.

3) Smelling like milk.  I swear I can not get enough changes of clothes and showers.  Soooo much milk!

4) Engorgement.  Baby sleeps to long and it feels like I have rocks in my breast.  Which leads to yet more leaking.

5) Double (or tripple) Ds.  Ok this one is not all bad. Hubby loves this one.  Now I am training to do a Tough Mudder next year.  Well no sports bra supports DD nursing breast the way I like.  I miss my Bs from before I had kids 🙂

6) I miss having my body to myself. At this moment I am nursing my 4th child third breastfed baby. When this baby was born i was still nursing my toddler and sometimes I just want to scream because I don’t want a baby on me. It’s a good thing I love them and they are just sooooo cute.

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What are the not so great parts of nursing for you?

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  • Britni says:

    Hi there Jenn! Found your link through MeetUp Monday Link Party. This one caught my eye because I don’t like nursing either. Doesn’t mean I love my baby any less, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one in this boat! My least favorite part of nursing is when I’m around company. Either I have to expose my boobs (my kids don’t like to be covered while nursing) or I have to go in another room. I feel isolated and I don’t like that.

    Thanks for being open enough to share this great list! Feel free to pop over to Happy Mama Tales anytime. (I pinned this one for you!) Best of luck!


    • Jenn says:

      I totally get that feeling. Nothing bothers me more then having a new baby learning to nurse and wanting to eat 24/7 and having visitors. Stay away from my house so I can nurse in peace right?

  • Mrs.Momof7 says:

    I have nursed 7 babies. I tandem nursed two of them until the older one was 3 and the younger one wa 15m, and I turned up preggers again! I figured trying to feed three babes at one time was a bit much. LOL… I hate the isolation. Frankly I’d show a bit of skin but it really makes my hubby uncomfortable, so he asks me to go away (when company is around). I hate that I still have A! cups, even though I’m nursing!! and I wish that my breasts didn’t look like flattened pancakes when the baby finally weans. But I love nursing… 🙂 I also get that leaking problem. I can stop mine by putting a fingertip on the nipple and pressing back. Stops my flow in a few seconds. I can even do it with my clothes on, and discretely, with the palm of my hand on the nipple, press back. – I cross my arms over my bosom to do that. Can’t stop night leaking though! puddles! sometimes I get a cloth diaper and tuck it in a sports bra, that helps a lot… bonus, I look REALLY stacked right before bed! HAHA…