5 Things I love About Breastfeeding

What do you love about Breastfeeding?No, I am not knocking formula feeding moms. Been there, done that.  No, really you may not know this but with my oldest, I was still in High School.  Yes go ahead and let that sink in. Teen mom here.  Okay I was 18 and it was my senior year and I stuck it out, graduated, and married the father of my child so hey could have been worse right? Anyway, my oldest was formula fed as breastfeeding failed but, that’s a story for another time.  Having done both I can truly appreciate the wonders of breastfeeding with number 3 (When I wrote this Now on Number 4!). Breastfeeding is not all fun there are things I hate about breastfeeding too.

Sometimes I really do hate breastfeeding

  1. No mixing bottles at 3 am with a screaming baby.  Anyone that has done that will tell you it sucks.  It’s 3 am as I type this as the baby is contented, back to sleep never even had a chance to scream.
  2. Cuddles!  Oh, how I love cuddling with the baby all the time.  And in the beginning, I do mean ALL the time.
  3. Sleep.  My husband and I both love this one.  Snuggle baby into our bed and let baby eat while we sleep.
  4. Save money.  Have you seen the price of formula lately?  and hey we never run out either.
  5. We know what is in it.   When my son was a few days old the brand of formula WIC supplied to our local area was recalled.  For a while, the neighbors baby had been throwing up his meals.  The ER was filled with babies dropping weight unable to keep food down or suffering rashes.  In the end, it was BUGS in the formula!  Yes, beetle parts in thousands of babies food.  Oh, How happy I was that we were breastfeeding. I also was happy I had not turned down the formula samples just in case breastfeeding did not work out.  The samples I had from the hospital where liquid and not part of the recall.  The neighbors baby kept it down no issue until WIC replaced his stash of formula.

Breastfeeding must haves:

Breast cream
Mothers milk tea

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