The Park Bench by Fumiko Takeshita *With Free Printable*

Help your child build reading comprehension skills today with this great book and a free printable set The Park Bench

One of the wonderful stories in an old reading textbook we scored free from the library when they were getting rid of books a few years ago.

This book is a cute translation from Japanese about a day in the life of a park bench. My oldest loved the connection of how the children took the time to pretend the bench was other things one of her pastimes.

The Park Bench

The Park Bench by Fumiko Takeshita Reading comprehension

Children need to connect with what they are reading to understand what the story is teaching them. reading comprehension is a very important skill to work on with your young reader. Getting active, discussing the story, and just having fun helps your child connect to the book you are reading.

Illiteracy is a rising problem in American society and as parents, we have the power to put an end to it.  Do not just read a story. Get into it. Bring the story to life.

Here are some discussion questions to get you started talking about the book:

  1. How is the park bench special to different people in the community?
  2. Would you like to play in a park like this one? Why or why not?
  3. Why do you think the author wrote about a park bench?

Take it further:
The world is our classroom take this as a chance for a trip to the park.
Create a sign with park rules such as “Do not litter”
Go help with or organize a park clean-up.

Free Printables for The Park Bench by Fumiko Takeshita.

This three-page free printable includes the questions above to save for your student’s portfolio, a coloring/activity page (Create your own “Park Rules”) and a writing prompt to go with this story.

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